Getting Around Town


I’ll go out on a limb and predict that passenger-carrying drones will be in commercial use before driverless cars. Now, driverless cars will almost certainly be ferrying passengers from parking lots to theme parks, from railroad stations to metro stations, etc. in the very near future. Driverless mini-buses will be amongst us very soon. But as far as point to point transportation of individuals, drones will beat the driverless car.

Autonomous land vehicles have to understand quite a few difficult things.…

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Gun Control in the United States

I firmly believe I have a right guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States to own a gun, rifle or shotgun for purposes of self defence, target shooting or hunting. I am a veteran of the Vietnam war (not a hero–I did not hear shots fired in anger). I have owned guns in the past and am comfortable with the thought that my neighbors might own them.

But I don’t believe at all that I have any right to park an Abrams tank in my driveway or a Humvee with a mounted fifty caliber machine gun.…

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When Mueller Will Be Unleashed

There’s a lot of speculation about the Special Counsel investigating Russia interference in the US electoral process in 2016 and subsequently. While it is clear that Russian interference took place, less clear is any involvement by American citizens.

Robert Mueller, who might have been lifted out of a comic book, such is his reputation for probity and diligence, has run into criminal activity by US citizens, although these alleged crimes mostly have little to do with his mission.…

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