Brussels Doesn’t Like Tories – This Is Rather The Point Of Leaving, Isn’t It?


It appears that the federast apparatchiki don’t like any of those running to be new Tory leader and thus PM. To which the correct response is, “So what, buggerlugs?” Because of course it’s our PM we’re talking about, not some satrap who requires the approval of our overlords.

EU view of Tory leadership candidates deeply critical, say sources

It’s not your choice and no, you don’t get a say.

Take this for example:

You whut? The senior civil servant in the system is commenting, publicly, on who should be their political master? That is indeed what the lipstick on the EU pig says – the European Council is made up of the elected heads of government and that rules the roost. The Sec Gen of the EU Commission is subservient to that higher body.

Well, yes, quite, that’s why we’re leaving, isn’t it, so that we’re no longer in danger of being ruled by such jumped up sheetstains.

As ever, the best argument against the European Union in theory is the European Union in reality.