It’s Not A $Billion Cocaine Bust In Philadelphia – It’s A Lot, But Not A Billion Dollars

What we have here is one of the standard exaggerations of our time. This applies as much to Microsoft complaining about people ripping off Windows as it does to the police or customs estimating the value of drug seizures. It’s simply not true that 16.5 tonnes of cocaine is worth $1 billion dollars.

That’s just not how markets work, not at all:

Authorities in Philadelphia have seized what they believe to be more than $1 billion worth of cocaine in what’s being described as one of the largest drug busts in U.S.

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Grandstanding Judge – Coke User “Should Not Be Punished More Than Michael Gove”

Sure, and isn’t this a lovely little story. A judge has declined to jail a man convicted of Class A drugs possession on the grounds that he shouldn’t be punished more than Michael Gove was for the same offence.

All of which is really just an example of the increasing idiocy of our modern public life. We used to do one particular thing, which was select our judges from the brightest. We tried really rather hard not to allow stupid people to become barristers, then we only selected our judges from among the bright ones of those.…

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Jack Shepherd Bottles A Barman

This is a heck of a piece of CCTV.

Speedboat killer Jack Shepherd has been jailed for a further four years after he admitted assaulting a barman with a vodka bottle in Devon.

And here’s the interesting little bit about the sentence:

A judge told Shepherd that because he was on bail for Ms Brown’s manslaughter at the time of the assault, the four-year sentence would run consecutively to his current jail term.

The terms of art are concurrently and consecutively.…

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What A Mysterious Mystery – Soaring Number Of Deaths In US Prisons

That the United States – arguably – imprisons too many people could be true. It isn’t that the places are chock full of non-violent drug offenders tho’. Most are indeed there for violence. The country’s just a violent place perhaps. This does not excuse The Guardian’s latest worry though, the rising number of deaths in the American prison system.

Why are so many people dying in US prisons and jails?

Hmm, yes, well, why? The subhead is:

The number of Americans dying while incarcerated has surged while the US prison population has increased by 500% over the last 40 years

It’s not why it’s because.…

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Nurses Are Unobservant – Prostitution Is Already Legal In Britain

It’s amazing quite how bitter fights can become when people don’t actually understand what it is that they’re fighting over. Nurses – the Royal College of to be precise – have voted to lobby for prostitution to be decriminalised. The thing being that it is in fact already legal.

Nurses are calling for prostitution to be decriminalised, saying it is a matter of “fundamental human rights”. The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) is to start actively lobbying the Government to change the law following a vote at the union’s conference in Liverpool.

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Whistleblowers Should Be Sacked Says Government

Gavin Williamson has been summarily executed by the Prime Minster – for allegedly letting the cat out of the bag over something that the Government intended to do with Huawei that might well affect our safety.

In laymans parlance he is accused of being a whistleblower, and the government sacked him for it. Which is rather contrary to their official national policy here.

Worth noting also that he strenuously denies the allegations and said he welcomed a proper investigation instead of this kangaroo court.…

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Dear Rape Survivors – You’ve Made An Allegation, Therefore You Are On Trial

The police are now being instructed to ask for access to mobile phones and social media history when processing a claim of rape or sexual assault. This is, obviously enough, so that they can trawl through such records for evidence of how the complainant and the accused interacted – if they did at all – before and or after the alleged offence.

Note that it is not required to hand over such. Only that it will be asked for and used if given.…

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Getting Older Drivers And Breath Tests, Drunk Driving, Entirely Wrong

In order to understand what a statistic is telling us we’ve got to grasp how those numbers were constructed. So it is with this report on older drivers, breath tests and drink driving. It’s possible to discern the truth here as long as you understand one rather important fact. England does not allow random breath testing to check for drunk driving. Once we’ve got that much of what is being wurbled about goes away.

For example:

While much media attention is paid to younger drink drivers, with those aged 20-34 accounting for more than half of all failed breathalyser tests in Great Britain, very little attention is paid to older drink drivers, who account for one in seven (15 per cent) failed breath tests.

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Criminals Are Rational – Rising Gold Prices Lead To More Burglaries Of Asians

At one level this is merely a detail of mild interest – when gold prices rise then so do burglary rates upon Asian households. The reason being that Asian households show a cultural – no, not racial – preference for holding a certain portion of household assets in physical gold. Criminals are rational in that they heed Willy Sutton’s advice about robbing banks – that’s where the money is.

There is though a further level of this.…

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This Is Winning – Fertility Doctor Uses Own Sperm To Father 49 Children

We don’t recommend that people do this and it’s obviously not all that great for everyone involved, but this story of the fertility doctor who used his own sperm to father 49 children is also known as winning.

Winning at the main object of the game of life that is. Which is to have descendants:

A Dutch fertility doctor used his own sperm to illegally father 49 children, DNA tests have shown. Jan Karbaat, who died two years ago, impregnated the women at a clinic near Rotterdam.

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