To Define Schadenfreude – Wanted Fugitive Taunts Police On Facebook, Reveals Location, Gets Arrested

It could be that not all criminals are in fact masterminds. Actually, all the criminals we’ve ever heard of aren’t as the masterminds are the ones who get away with their crimes. Of whom there are quite a lot – the IQ of the nation’s prison cells averages out at a lot less than the definitional 100 of the general population.

To which we can add this nice little story. So the sheriffs in Pennsylvania have a little local top ten wanted list online.…

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Hate Crimes And Racial Motivations – Let’s Drop The Whole Concept

That someone should do bird because they’ve beaten up someone for being Muslim, or gay, or perhaps a darkie, seems reasonable enough. But what is it that should lead to the prison time? The beating administered or the motive for its delivery? The modern day says that the motive matters, the past that it’s the fists. The past had this right here.

A 16-year-old schoolboy has been given a police caution after he was caught on mobile phone footage attacking a 15-year-old Syrian refugee at a school.

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Wait, What, Chelsea Clinton Is Responsible For The Christchurch Shootings?

An entry for the Annals of Left Wing Idiocy here. Chelsea Clinton is being accused of responsibility for the Christchurch mosque shootings. No, really, that’s the claim. And of course at one level this is entirely risible. No more than the delusions of a child woman fresh from her grievance studies course.

At another level it’s rather more worrying. Because there are, obviously enough, as a result of that massacre calls for the censorship of what we all might be allowed to say.…

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Loughlin And Hoffman Sued For $500 Billion Over College Entrance Scam

One of the great joys – or even great disasters, depending which end of the process you’re on – of the American civil law system is that you can sue anyone you want for whatever and claim anything at all as damages. What’s a little less certain is that you’re going to win and that you’ll get your claim if you do.

So it is with this suit for $500 billion against the actresses Loughlin and Hoffman.…

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QuadrigaCX’s Missing Funds Are Missing – Yet Another Bitcoin Scam

One thing of true and interesting value that Bitcoin has afforded us all is the ability to watch every financial and monetary scam known to human history be repeated at warp speed. The Canadian exchange, Quadriga CX, is simply another building block in this wall of experience. Here the claim is that the funds of the bankrupt company are missing – when, in fact, they’re missing. The distinction being that we’ve been told that the CEO died taking the combination to the safe with him.…

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The Entirely Foul Idea Of Non-Jury Rape Trials

If only we had a conservative government, eh, one that would be able to knock on the head such absurd ideas as having rape trials without a jury. For such would be to railroad the accused in a manner entirely inconsistent with any useful version of civil rights.

Scrapping jury trials for rapes and tougher rules on consent could be considered in a major review announced today by Government into the way sexual violence against women is investigated and prosecuted.

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This Is An Interesting Compare And Contrast – Which Murderer Is Guilty Here?

There’s ever such a slight suspicion that men and women are – or perhaps should be – differently treated by the legal system. Specifically, there’s long been a campaign in the UK that women should be handled, well, lightly perhaps, if the partner they murder was controlling or abusive during their relationship.

It is also insisted that this is quite different from the thought that perhaps men who kill in a fit of rage should be more lightly treated by the legal system.…

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Brothel Registered, Secure, No Children, Pays Taxes – Still It’s Closed Down

Clearly and obviously a brothel will be closed down because brothels are illegal. And yet that’s not quite the point, the important thing being, well, should brothels be illegal? We all know that the sex trade is going to happen – yea even Sweden’s making buying sex illegal hasn’t stopped it. So, given that it will happen whatever we’re really only left with two questions.

The first is that civil liberty thing. Why are we stopping consenting adults from doing what consenting adults decide to do?…

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A Foul Decision – 24 Years In Jail, Found Innocent, But No Compensation

That this decision is right in law may be true but if it is then it’s just further proof that the law is an ass – two guys who together served 24 years in jail, were found innocent, have been denied compensation. On the entirely foul grounds that evidence which showed their convictions were unsound isn’t enough as proof that they should be compensated.

Sorry, that’s wrong. The law here is wrong.

Two men who between them spent 24 years in prison before their convictions were overturned are not entitled to compensation, judges have ruled.

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Essex Police Union Whines About Special Constables As Detectives

Essex Police has advertised for volunteers to become detectives within the police force – this has, of course, set off the predictable whining from the Police Federation. The Police Federation being only the union for police officers and don’t let anyone tell you different. The thing is there’s nothing all that odd about using Specials in this manner. In fact, it’s one of the good uses of them. City of London Police has been using experts in this manner for generations.…

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