The Guardian On The Texas Church Shooting – Not Even The Right Number

The Guardian wants to tell us that even though some to many lives were saved in that most recent Texas church shooting as the congregation blasted the assailant this isn’t good enough, it still doesn’t justify the idea that the proles might have gins to defend themselves. After all, how will true socialism ever be achieved if the mere citizenry can disagree to effect?

Every time the US suffers another mass shooting, gun rights activists make an argument that goes something like this: if a good guy with a gun had been there, this terrible tragedy could have been prevented.

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Texas Church Shooting – Those Second Amendment Rights

Clearly it’s appalling that people should just be allowed to have their own guns. Protection should be reserved to the police force who will know when armed force is necessary, in defence of what, and when matters can just be allowed to continue. And don’t you forget that government knows this better than you do.

Except, well:

A gunman has opened fire in a church in Texas, fatally shooting two people before being killed by an armed member of the congregation.

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Ayia Napa False Rape Claim – It’s Because Of The Joos

Clearly, we’re always supposed to believe the claimant and it simply is never true that anyone cries rape untruthfully. Therefore this case in Cyprus must be because of something else. A girl – a woman if you prefer, but she’s a teenager so, decide for yourself – claimed she was gang raped. During the course of consensual sex with one of the party.

Well, OK, let’s have a trial, let’s see how far it is possible to determine what did happen:

A British woman has been found guilty of falsely accusing 12 Israeli men of gang-raping her while she was on holiday in Cyprus.

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Never, Ever, Believe The Value Of Drug Seizures

Another incident giving us the clue as to why we should never believe the value assigned to drug busts:

Record $1,000,000,000 cocaine haul discovered hidden inside soy flour containers

No, not really.

More than 4,000 bricks of cocaine, each weighing a kilogram, were discovered packed inside four soy flour containers destined for Lome, the capital of Togo, at Montevideo. Uruguay’s customs director Jaime Borgiani estimated the drugs to be worth a billion US dollars on the European market.

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How To Get Rape Numbers Entirely, Wholly, Wrong

The Telegraph reports that:

Rape victims are eight times more likely to get justice in some police force areas than others in England and Wales, Home Office figures reveal.

North Yorkshire police force is the most successful with one in seven (14.2 per cent) rapes resulting in the sex attacker being charged, according to the data for 2018/19.

This isn’t how it works, no. Rape is an oddity as far as the existence of the crime itself is concerned.…

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The Rough Sex Defence To Murder Is Entirely Valid

There’s a reason we use juries in trials. It is to make sure that there’s a group of people involved who use the common sense and basic values of the society in general in deciding guilt or not.

Oh, sure, that’s not what we’re all told it’s about but the true aim really is jury nullification. Which is just the posh name for the blokess in the street saying “But that’s not criminal!”

Historically it’s simply amazing the number of people convicted of theft up to the value of four shillings and 11 pence.…

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Women Commit Crimes To Pay For Drugs For Others

This is what we’re being told at least, that women tend to commit crimes so as to pay for the drugs of another. This is clearly showing how women take responsibility for the wider family, the household, it’s part of caring and sharing and thus don’t jail women.

On the other hand we could consider the actual findings, rather than the gloss:

Half of the women in prison committed crimes to support another person’s drug use, mostly men, prison charities have revealed.

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Jermaine Taylor – Mocking Criminals Is Now Against The Law

According to Gwent Police that is. Snarking at the hairstyle of a convicted cocaine dealer is now a crime which can lead to prosecution. At which point perhaps we should be revisiting the criminal law and deciding that snark, insult and piss taking are, as the old rhyme has it, names that can never hurt. It’s sticks and stones, actual violence, that matters:

Police have warned social media users they could face arrest if they “troll” a wanted drug dealer by mocking his distinctive hairstyle.

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Pure Politics – Boris And Ending Early Release Of Prisoners

This is of course pure politics, simply playing to the base, as Boris demands the end of early release for prisoners after serving half their sentence:

Prisoners will no longer be automatically released early under plans to be set out by Boris Johnson this week, The Telegraph can disclose. The Prime Minister will pledge to end the automatic release of serious criminals who are currently freed after serving half of their sentence. He will press for a tougher stance on sentencing at a roundtable meeting in No 10 on Monday with police chiefs, prosecutors, former judges, courts administrators and prison bosses.

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America’s Mass Shootings Aren’t About Race – Nor, Therefore White Supremacy

An interesting piece out of academia looking at mass shootings in the United States. Some, obviously enough, are carried out by nutters. What people are nuts about – white supremacy for example – can vary. But given that the race of the perpetrators rather closely matches the racial mix of the country that’s because it’s what nutters are nuts about, not that the series of events is driven by that idea of or longing for white supremacy.…

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