A Remarkable Lack Of Perspicacity From The Guardian

Sure, we know, The Guardian, wrong about everything. All the time. And yet it’s still possible to wonder, marvel, at the ability to get things so wrong in just the two paragraphs. Here the subject is farming. There are going to be more people around and thus we might desire to increase the output of food. OK, that’s fair enough. Although the actual background here is that just the normal and ongoing increase in farming productivity will take care of the extra mouths.…

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GM Foods – Greater Ignorance Leads To Greater Opposition To Them

An interesting and useful proof of the Dunning Kruger Effect here, that it’s the truly ignorant who see themselves as the experts on matters. So it is with opposition to genetically modified foods, those GM Frankenfoods. Those who have no clue about genetics nor, indeed, food, are the ones storming the ramparts to insist that they should never be allowed and burn the test fields of them immediately. Certainly don’t let such abominations as golden rice prevent much of the world’s blindness.…

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Fido Will Be Fine – Dog Food Made From Insects Arrives

Given the fine and delicate nature of the average dog’s tastebuds this new form of dog food – made from insects – will do just fine. There is though rather an overdoing of the environmental benefits as the story is laid out here. For we’ve not been feeding our pets on what we would ourselves eat all these years. That might be one of these new millennial things but it’s most certainly not standard practice:

Dog food made from insects to go on sale in UK for first time
Globally pets consume 20% of meat and fish, a figure insect pet food could help to reduce  

Dogs are omnivores, as long as they’re getting protein, fats, carbohydrates and so on they’ll be fine.…

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Monbiot’s Mistake- Pollution Kills, Fer Sure, But Creating Pollution Has Benefits

George Monbiot makes the standard mistake in his insistence that as pollution kills people therefore we should have no pollution. This is not so, pollution kills people it most certainly does but the creation of pollution has benefits as well – like not killing people by being able to make or move something. Thus we do not need, not even desire, to have no pollution, we require the optimal amount. Even if we stick with the idea of killing people only that means that we want as much pollution as saves lives and as little as kills people – the optimal amount being where the lives saved equal those taken.…

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How To Waste Money – Revamp Homes To Energiesprong Standard

An interesting little point we can glean from this victory story concerning the effects of a Green New Deal. It’s an entire and total waste of money. There is simply no way at all that this makes any economic nor financial sense – we’d do better to be tearing up pound bills in the currently warming oceans.

But this is what is being called a victory!

A Dutch approach to transforming old homes through a dramatic green makeover has arrived in the UK and cut tenants’ energy bills in half.

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BP’s Right, An Oil Spill Would Stimulate The Economy Around The Great Australian Bight

BP has made an entirely correct and even unremarkable statement when it says that an oil spill in the Great Australian Bight would stimulate the local economy as a result of the clean up efforts. This is entirely true statement- clean up efforts for an oil spill do in fact stimulate that local economy. And no, this isn’t quite a violation – or proof – of Bastiat’s Broken Window Fallacy. They two keys being that yes, as with Bastiat, we’ve a certain problem in the manner in which we measure economic activity but also there’s a lot resting on that word “local”.…

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Environmentalism – Wasting Our Most Limited, Precious, Resource, Our Time

The core belief of environmentalism is that we face a world of scarce resources so we’d better go about conserving them. In this the idea is no different from economics, we face a universe of scarce resources how best can we use them? The acknowledgement of scarcity being written into the very basics of economics, something that’s not scarce isn’t even an economic good.

The point that environmentalism fails upon and economics doesn’t is the consideration of our most precious, scarce, resource, our own time.…

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Fast Fashion – The Idiots Are Complaining That The People Are Getting Rich

The historical human problem has always been that the people were poor – now that we’ve largely solved that problem the idiots are complaining that the people have got rich. So it is with this current obsession with fast fashion. Quite literally the complaint is that us oiks, we standard peeps out here, are able to have new clothes. We no longer have just the Sunday Best and the other set of garments for the rest of the week, we’re actually able to dress ourselves in different pieces of cloth each and every day!…

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Glorious Plastics – Minister Clueless About Own Department’s Actions

The current demonisation of plastics is of course just a manifestation of the latest religious mania. There’s little rhyme and no reason to it all. And yet we can still find amusements in it, little stories which illustrate other aspects of life. As with this, where a government minister rails against one such aspect of the use of plastics only to find out that his own department uses plastics in exactly this manner. The point being not anything about plastics but why each and every attempt to plan an economy in detail always does end up as the most abject failure.…

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They’ve Gone Mad – Clingfilm To Be Banned On School Packed Lunches

We’ve a useful sign here that we’re in the grips of a religious mania – the government is to ban the kiddies using clingfilm to wrap their packed lunches. This following on from another arm of government’s announcement yesterday that they’re to make the Big Mac illegal. That this is mania of the religious kind is easy enough to show. If we begin with a standing start, that government should insist upon a law to make children’s sandwiches stale, one to make them fall apart, then we’d all insist that the ergot has got into the bread again.…

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