Banning Plastic Bags Means Using More Plastic To Choke The Whales

Quite why or how our civilisation became convinced that plastics are the very work of the Devil is uncertain. It appears that we’ve allowed the dippier of the hippies to grow up and enter government. But how it happened and why is one thing, we can all observe that it has. And so we get these lunacies like the banning of free plastic bags to shoppers. Entirely forgetting why we started using them in the first place, which is that they were a cheaper and more elegant solution to what we’d been using before.…

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International Statistic Of The Year – 90.5% Of All Plastics Aren’t Recycled

From The Conversation:

This year, I served on the judging panel for The Royal Statistical Society’s International Statistic of the Year.

On Dec. 18, we announced the winner: 90.5 percent, the amount of plastic that has never been recycled. Okay – but why is that such a big deal?

Much like Oxford English Dictionary’s “Word of the Year” competition, the international statistic is meant to capture the zeitgeist of this year. The judging panel accepted nominations from the statistical community and the public at large for a statistic they feel shines a light on today’s most pressing issues.…

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But We Don’t Want To Recycle Packaging, We Want To Manage The Waste Instead

The latest bright plan form the government is going to embed into the system the utmost looniness – the idea that all packaging should be recycled. Recycling often costs more than other methods of dealing with waste products. Thus to insist upon recycling is to make us all poorer. This is not the point, not the aim, of our having an economy but the loons are going to do it anyway. And worse than this they’re going to insist that the people paying for this have no influence over how it is done.…

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Trump Admin’s Quite Right – Reclassify Nuclear Waste To Leave It In The Ground

The Trump Administration is considering a rule change – some high level nuclear waste should no longer be considered to be high level nuclear waste. This is an obviously sensible thing to do. Critics are insisting that this is being done because this makes processing, clean up, cheaper, for the change would mean that some of it could simply be left, or buried in the ground. Yes, quite, this is why it is sensible.

What the more general reports aren’t telling us is quite what the change is which is so sensible.…

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There’s Medieval And Then There’s Medieval

So, chaining up cows in their stalls is medieval apparently. Something which rather goes to show the ignorance and or stupidity of the animal rights activists. This is a form of industrial farming, something that comes from a very much later period than serfs shuffling across the landscape in pursuit of a scrap to eat. This also isn’t just is trivial piece of pendantry, this is important to differentiate.

‘It’s medieval’: why some cows are still living most of their lives tied up

No, it’s not medieval, it’s nothing like it.…

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False Reports Of Air Pollution Forcing Families To Move Out Of Cities

The Guardian, as ever, manages to get the story wrong, it’s not air pollution forcing families out of cities. It’s false reports of air pollution forcing families out of cities. This is terribly easy to prove too:

An increasing number of parents are shunning good schools because of the local air quality while some are even looking to move out of cities altogether, as fears over the effects of diesel emissions on health mount.

Last week a major study published in the Lancet found that pollution from diesel vehicles was stunting the growth of children’s lungs, leaving them damaged for life.

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Iceland’s Palm Oil Ad And Policy – Environmentally Destructive Posturing, No More

Iceland has pulled off something of a marketing coup – it’s managed to get us all watching that old Greenpeace video without having to pay to book it in anywhere at all. Just get it banned and we’ll all watch it online. However, over and above savvy PR there’s something more important here. Which is that the basic policy they’re boasting about is not, itself, a good policy. Palm oil, whatever Greenpeace tells us about orangutangs, is less environmentally destructive than other ways of gaining the edible oils we desire.

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A New £1 Billion Tax Says We Shouldn’t Recycle Plastics

Sure we should recycle some things and equally certainly we shouldn’t recycle others. The trick is in knowing what falls into which class. Even, to have a method of deciding that difficult point. To an economist this is easy, recycle where recycling adds value, don’t where it doesn’t. That simplicity meaning that this recent decision by the government proves we should not be recycling plastic. It’s the very fact that they want to raise £1 billion in tax in order to fund the recycling which shows we shouldn’t be doing the plastics recycling.…

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George Monbiot’s Latest – Capitalist Economic Growth The Solution To Environmental Problems

Once the further shores of the environmental and ecological movements understand what George Monbiot is saying here he’s going to get excommunicated from the Temple of Gaia. George is probably safe though, as getting an ecologist to understand an economic point is as productive as taking comportment lessons from Philip Green. Still, what Monbiot is saying is entirely true, the way out of ecological problems is economic growth. And as even Marx himself pointed out, the system which produces that is this free market and capitalism blend.…

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