Now That China Won’t Take The Waste We Should Stop The Recycling

The Financial Times has a long read about how the world’s recycling market has changed now that China refuses to take the refuse off our hands. Floods of it are arriving in other poor countries and they are gradually choking off imports. So, it’s all piling up where we the people producing the waste live. This does, as the FT rightly points out, increase the cost of any recycling that might be done. Doing recycling in a high labour cost place doesn’t work as well as doing it in a low labour cost place.…

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The Greenies Have It In For Glyphosate – Now It’s In US Cereals

It rather looks like we’ve a coordinated move against the use of glyphosate, the ubiquitous weedkiller. Just yesterday we spotted a story from India. Someone went and tested some pulses and found that there were traces of glyphosate to be found. Traces and hundredths and less of anything that anyone at all things could even be possibly harmful to anyone.

We’re now seeing a version of much the same story popping up in the US. Someone went and tested some cereals, a place likely to have such traces, and glory be they found them.…

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EU Tries Rampant Stupidity Over Single Use Plastics – Banning Them

The European Union Parliament has decided, in a fit of virtue signalling, to entirely fail Chesterton’s Fence. For they’ve decided to ban single use plastics. Without actually thinking why it is that we use plastics in the first place we cannot work out whether we should still be using them now, can we?

The European Parliament on Wednesday backed a wide-ranging proposal to ban the use of single-use plastics across the European Union.

The ban includes a full prohibition of plastic plates and utensils, cotton swabs, straws and drink stirrers and calls for reduced use of plastic cups and other similar food packaging products, according to the BBC.

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Proven – The Clean Water Act Was A Waste Of Money

It’s a general observation that the Clean Water Act wasn’t worth it over in the US. This is now shown again by this latest paper. Do note what the contention is though. Cleaning up pollution? Sure, a great idea, to an extent at least. So it isn’t that we should do nothing – it’s that we shouldn’t have done this thing. That is, we’ve an economic contention here, the Clean Water Act was a bad way of doing what we wanted to do, clean up the rivers:

How the Clean Water Act has served the environment and the economy
David Keiser, Joseph S.…

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The Absurdity Of Cuadrilla’s Fracking And 0.4 Earthquakes Near Blackpool

Whether or not fracking is a good idea is entirely up to you – around here we think it’s a great one. For we like this civilisation and all this stuff about staying warm and being able to cook tender bits of dead animals. However, say you’re of an opposite persuasion. It’s still ludicrous to stop fracking because of earthquakes at the level of 0.4 and the like. And yet that’s what we are doing in Britain.…

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Microplastics Found In Every Human Gut – Microplastics Aren’t A Problem Then, Are They?

Just announced research tells us that microplastics – tiny bits of plastic whatevers – have been found in the gut. Well, more accurately, the production of the gut. Of all the humans who were tested. This tells us that microplastics aren’t a problem, doesn’t it? If we’ve all got ’em and we’re all not being murdered in our beds by ’em then they’re not a problem.

Scientists discover plastic in faeces of every person who took part in Europe-wide study
Up to nine different types of microplastic found in samples from each participant

The point being that while slightly interested in the prevalence of the plastics we’re massively interested in the prevalence of harm from whatever.…

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Greenpeace Is Complaining About Bananas Into The Pacific From Fukushima

That Greenpeace is more than a little crackers about radiation is something we all should know. They complain about trivia, things that are tiny fractions of addition to the radiation we all absorb every day. Levels of radiation that we’ll not actually be able to monitor, things that will make no difference at all to any man nor beast.

But, you know, that’s Greenpeace. Their latest being worries about the release of radioactive water from Fukushima into the Pacific Ocean.…

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Stock Markets Reduce CO2 Emissions, Bank Finance Increases Them

This is an interesting finding. Sure, we know about the curve, developing countries get dirtier then cleaner as they get richer. But there is a connection between how that is all financed. A more Anglo Saxon economy, relying more upon equity ans stock markets, appears to produce fewer such emissions, a more continental one largely financed by bank loans create more emissions. Huzzah for Anglo Saxon capitalism then, eh?

Finance and pollution
Ralph De Haas, Alexander Popov 05 October 2018

The environmental Kuznets hypothesis predicts that pollution will increase at early stages of development but then decline once a country surpasses a certain income level.…

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The Degradation Of Academia Continues

So, super, the Labour Party has pledged to do even more to beat climate change. Huzzah! etc. And then we get a British professor – yes, one employed upon your and my tax pounds – musing that perhaps we really need to go further than this and to overturn that entire idea of economic growth. At least, that’s what he thinks he’s saying which is the degradation:

And there are even greater challenges for the Labour Party.

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