Soho The Unhealthiest Place In Britain Scientists Say

Isn’t this a surprise, the red light district is the unhealthiest place in the country?

Soho is Britain’s unhealthiest place to live, study finds

Except our definition here is very much more stupid than that.

The central London area had the greatest access to takeaways, pubs and off-licences, combined with high levels of air pollution and low levels of parks and green spaces, the research found.

The pollution, well, in a big city, yes, and obviously.…

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To Explain Rising Mortality Rates By The Change In Population

We’ve another report insisting that austerity is murdering us all in our beds. This not necessarily being quite the truth. For the claim actually is that rising inequality is killing our kidz. Which is a difficult thing to prove:

The report from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), covering 2017, said that “the infant mortality rate increased to 3.9 deaths per 1,000 live births compared with 3.8 in 2016”. In 2014, it was 3.6 deaths per 1,000.

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Another Blow For The Feminist We’re All Entirely Equal Demand

The phrase “separate but equal” has unfortunate overtones in our language, given the manner in which it was used in both South Africa and the Democratic South to justify racial discrimination. And yet it’s clearly a part of the solution to whatever it is the feminists are shrieking about this week. Men and women do indeed have their differences. It’s not purely a matter of different plumbing.

As we’ve noted just recently there’s a definite predisposition to more collective solutions among women than there is among men.…

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Monstrous Strawman Argument Against Outsourcing In The NHS

One way to win an argument is to misstate your opponent’s logic, show that your misstatement is silly to ludicrous, then dance in victory at the lamentations of their women. This is also known as strawmanning. A useful example of which we get from the Alma Mater concerning outsourcing in the National Health Service:

The logic of outsourcing is that market-based production is better than public production because the governance of private organisations is more transparent, flexible, efficiency focused and disciplined by owners.

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NHS Waiting Times For Cancer Treatment Are What Did You Say?

It’s a commonplace that the National Health service is a Wonder of the World. Such a phantastic creation that near no one other than Cuba has bothered to try to replicate the structure. It’s also a commonplace that the NHS is one of the best rated health care systems in the world. By those who measure “best” on such things as equity of financing, equity of treatment. The NHS is also one of the world’s worst rich country health care systems by an entirely reasonable measure of how well it actually works.…

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So Here’s A Nice Lie About The National Health Service

We’re used to lies about the NHS of course – Wonder of the World it is, so much so that no one copied the system. It’s more efficient to have no competition when the NHS is actually worst among rich nation systems at actually curing people – mortality amenable to health care.

But here’s a nice one. We can see what the argument coming down the pike will be. If private fertility clinics cost the NHS money then we should either tax the private fertility clinics, or close them down, to save the NHS.…

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Homeoprophylaxis, Vaccine, One Of These Is Immunological Education That Works

The power of Woo! to excite the credulous is, of course, unbounded. There is no other possible explanation for the existence of the Democratic Party after all. Everything will be better if we just take stuff from those who created it – sure, that’ll work out well. However, to be a little less cynical – do note that the correct question to ask about politics is “am I being cynical enough?” – we should examine this idea of homeoprophylaxis.…

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Mevagissey’s GP Problem – There’s Just Not Enough Money In A Cornish Fishing Village

Given that this is all just a plot rerun of Doc Martin – perhaps without the unexpected pregnancy or the social incompetence – maybe we shouldn’t worry too much about Mevagissey and its shortage of anyone who actually wants to be the local GP. Sure, OK, usually when talking about Cornwall we’re going to blame everything on the inbred yokels across the Tamar thing but fishing villages don’t suffer from that. Far too many blokes coming in and out on a short term basis for the gene pool to be too small.…

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What Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett Fails To Grasp – US Companies Are Already In The NHS

Sure, we all know how newspaper columns are written. There’s a fad or a fashion passing by, something must be found to say about it. That said columnist isn’t greatly informed on the subject under discussion isn’t the point. There’s the two basic templates all the same – “Gosh! Fab!” or the “How Terrible!” and from such things are the editor’s approval gained.

Today’s fashion is that Brexit will mean the end of the National Health Service.…

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The Absurd Claim That A US Free Trade Agreement Requires Privatising The NHS

The Senior Lecturer tells us that we must stay inside the European Union so that we can protect the National Health Service. You see, if we leave, then we’ll try and get a free trade agreement with the United States. And such an agreement would require – no, really, require – the privatisation of the national religion, the NHS.

The correct response to this claim is bunkum, tosh, and Dear Lord what have you been smoking?…

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