Sagrada Familia’s 137 Year Wait For A Building Permit

We can of course – and should – giggle over this little story, it taking Gaudi’s cathedral in Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia, some 137 years to gain a building permit:

Sagrada Familia gets building permit after 137 years

As to why it took so long just happenstance:

As recently as 2016, municipal officials were shocked to discover that the request for a permit had been pending since 1885, when Gaudí, having taken over the project from Francisco de Paula del Villar, submitted his plans to the town hall of Sant Martí de Provençals, a village now part of Barcelona, but never received a reply.

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Government Proposes Rent Increase

Probably not what thy intended, but rent increases will be the result. Because of supply and demand.

Govt announced today plans to prevent landlords from ending leases easily. Currently landlords can ask a tenant to leave by giving 2 months notice. There is a proper form to do this but it’s pretty straightforward. New government proposals will remove that right, instead requiring court approval for termination and requiring evidence of reason to terminate.

Starting from the premise that generally landlords are greedy therefore interested in maximising revenue from their investment.…

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Now The National Trust Is To Argue Against Primogeniture

The National Trust – at least in theory – exists to preserve the glories of our history which the modern day finds of little to no use. Thus the grand old houses – and the not so grand too – get sent off into those charitable hands as we simply don’t have large families with armies of servants living off their estates any more.

We can trace the killing of that estate economy back to the railway and the steamship.…

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