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Why Do None Of These Pieces Fit?

People who care deeply about climate change think it is the defining issue of our times, and insist that everything else should be examined merely by how it relates to it.

Whereas the crypto crowd think that Bitcoin and central bank efforts to launch their own cryptocurrencies are the nub of the matter. These are the really big issues to be resolved.

Likewise those who believe an economic collapse is underway – the death of the High Street, the role of online buying, small businesses being forced to shut while corporations prosper etc.

And those who think monetary systems are failing – Quantative easing, record levels of nations debt, manipulated bond markets and negative real interest rates.

The civil liberties crowd, worrying about social credit systems and vaccine passports.

Social justice warriors, insisting that their cause is most just, and the mot juste. Racial equality, no borders, online censorship. Fighting for equal pay, equal outcomes, equal toileting.

The list goes on and on and on, with each group claiming that their special interest is the heart of the matter, and everything else should be considered subordinate. And this cacophony of competing interests and enthusiasms is exhausting to examine, even assuming you have some grasp of each subject. Most people aren’t like that of course – they don’t know, don’t care, couldn’t understand and wouldn’t remember.

They are not in this game, for now.

The rest of us have made an effort, for whatever reason. Maybe we have time on our hands, or had expertise or inside knowledge in one or more areas to start with. Maybe we are very clever, or believe we are. Maybe we care about such things, for some reason.

And yet here we stand, with dozens of groups screaming that THEIRS is the cardinal matter.

“Look at my cause and the shadow it casts on all else!”

We can’t.

The monkey part of our brains looks at the shapes and the colours and the categories and the details and just can’t make any sense of it all. Does the colour help us decide how important, or the shape? What about the volume? And should all blue things go together, or all square things?

How am I expected to make any coherent sense of all this shit?


Suddenly, a new possibility. The shapes and the colours and the volume of the pieces is perhaps not the key factors here. Maybe what matters is not how we relate them to each other, but how they relate to this other thing.

And with that in mind, the shrieking can fade away to a dull drone, as each special interest group is suddenly relegated to being just a troop of excitable retards hyperfocused on their individual well-funded activity. And we are freed from the confusion that their enthusiasm caused, and are able to see that perhaps all of these issues are primarily not related to each other, but to something bigger.

The climate change fanatics, HODLers, Keynesians, libertarians, SJWs and socialists, all thrashing their causes to the top of a pile.

The question for us is whether theirs are all just independent issues, competing for our attention, all different shapes and colours and sizes.

Or is there a box?

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Michael van der Riet
Michael van der Riet
3 years ago

I repudiate your vile omission of trans and gender issues.

Felipe Grey
Felipe Grey
3 years ago

He ran out of shapes so no Racial Equality either. 🙂

John B
John B
3 years ago

‘ Or is there a box?’ Yes. It is a global matrix of intersecting and interdependent special interests, all swarming round a central core – like flies circling a jam pot all wanting to get their share of the jam. The central core is power in the shape of corrupt politicians in Western Governments acting in concert held together through international agencies and bureaucracies, treaties and informal agreements. The various interests may even appear to be opposites, but like the Baptists & Bootleggers of the US prohibition era, or environmentalists and fossil fuel companies against nuclear power in the 60s… Read more »

3 years ago

The attack on whiteness as a proxy for freedom is the idea.

rhoda klapp
rhoda klapp
3 years ago

As John B says, it’s all special interests, so the logical stance for each of us is to look at each issue in terms of our own interest. Some may be threats, some are irrelevancies, a few, a very few might be to our advantage. If you don’t fight your corner, who will?

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