Sheesh – The Observer Insists The Bank Of England Should Stop QE From Working

That not all people grasp all of the intricacies of economics is true. And that’s also fine, we don’t all need to understand it, just as we don’t all need to grasp the intricacies of oncology nor the difference between line, clog and ballet dancing. Those who are interested can bother, the rest of us can contemplate Rula Lenska instead.

However, if your employment is to produce economic leaders for a national newspaper then it might be a good idea to bone up – just a little maybe – on the subject under discussion, economics.…

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The Joy Of Pendantry – Rod Liddle Version


In a touching display of loyalty to her leader, Forbes utilised Jeremy Corbyn’s usual excuse when he has been caught doing anti-semitic stuff, ie, insisted that she was as dense as a block of enriched uranium and very sorry to boot — “Didn’t understand, must learn, oooh how silly I’ve been.”

Yes, we can see, “enriched uranium” sounds so much more, well, more, than “uranium”. Except enriched uranium is actually less dense than natural or unenriched uranium:

Many contemporary uses of uranium exploit its unique nuclear properties.

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Venezuelan Farming’s Bad But It’s Not That Bad Telegraph

One of the grander achievements of Bolivarian socialism is to create hunger, an actual lack of simple food, in a tropical country where plants just burst out of the ground in their eagerness. It’s similar to that incredible achievement over the water in Cuba. Any rational farming system would have the markets simply overflowing with foodstuffs, socialism leaves all hungry. It’s a vivid proof of the stupidity of that basic socialist system.

However, it has to be said that Venezuelan farming really isn’t – or at least wasn’t – as bad as The Telegraph is making out here:

The 3,500 hectare estate in Venezuela’s agricultural heartland had, like all their land, been in the family for over 100 years; it was a productive, lovingly-tended finca.

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If Only The Guardian Understood Things – Something, Anything

It’s the Daily Mash that gave us “The Guardian, wrong about everything. Always” and there is, as we know, great truth in that. This is more than just the usual Gell Mann Amnesia thing, where we read any newspaper article upon something we know about and note that they don’t. Yet by the time we move on to some subject we’re not expert in we assume the newspaper does know about it.

The Guardian manages more than this.…

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Dawn Foster Insists Polly Toynbee Should Retire – The Column Blocker!

That’s probably the way we should read Dawn Foster today. How very dare the Reine Regnante of the socially caring left continue to block the rise to national prominence of younger, fitter, columnists?

Retirement should be a right. But it’s in danger of becoming a privilege for the rich
Dawn Foster

Of course, there’s a certain amount of dressing up the insistence but:

….more than twice as many people over 70 are working now than a decade ago.

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The Perils Of A National Health Service

You’d think that even the NHS would find it hard to mislay a nurse, but 6,000 of them?

NHS England loses 6,000 mental health nurses in 10 years

Especially given the manner in which near none of the nurses seem to have read the anti-obesity leaflets so liberally spread around….

Then again, this is The Guardian, which once managed to misspell its own masthead.

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Did You Know France Has A “League Against Road Safety”?

This doesn’t sound quite like a French thing to be honest, having a “League Against Road Safety”. They tend not to do jokes in that manner. Sounds much more like an English thing really. Make the critique of excessive safety moves by making fun of them, pretending even to be against the very concept itself.

Well, maybe. But France does seem to have such a league, at least the Telegraph thinks so:

But Chantal Perrichon, president of the League Against Road Safety, warned that given the unpopularity of the speed cuts, “we are going to pay in blood for the pseudo-responsibility of politicians who prefer their mandate to the safety of citizens”.

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Don’t Believe Any Of The Numbers In A Newspaper

Those who go into journalism tend to be those who did well in English – or perhaps, these days, grievance studies – rather than any of the subjects where you actually learn something. Fair enough we might suppose, the job skill required is to be able to lay out the words that fill the spaces between the ads after all. However, this does mean that we shouldn’t pay much attention to any set of numbers we’re presented with.…

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The Appalling Truth That 38% Of Private Tenants Are Low Income

We’re clearly being urged to think of this as an outrage. That 38% of people renting in the private sector are on low incomes. How could this be so? What malfeasance of the capitalist plutocrats causes such a disaster?

The answer being that we’re not in Lake Wobegon where all our children are above average. We are, in fact, in the real world.

The statistic is proffered in this Guardian piece:

Furthermore, a 2018 study by the Centre for Housing Policy found that 38% of private renters are on low incomes.

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