Too Bonkers For The Online Edition

From The Times: "Commuters are spending an average of more than 10% of their take home pay on train fares" This conclusion reached by looking at...

Quite Disgusting From Sonia Sodha

Of course, someone, some system, must be to blame for the grooming gangs up in the North of England. How all those young girls...

The Guardian Says We’re Doing Terribly – Except For The Times We’ve Done Worse

This might not be the most terrifying economic story ever if we're to be accurate about it: The British economy is on track for the...

Christmas Quiz – Spot The Connection

A real puzzler to work on over the turkey burps. From Google News: What could possible be the connection between the top and last story?...

An Historian Should Know This

But then this isn't history, this is propaganda: We have had housing crises before and through much of the last century state-directed action was taken...

Owen Jones – We’re Losing So Up The Electoral Bribes!

We might in fact blame the headline writer here rather than Jones himself: Labour must turbocharge its offer to young people. Britain’s fate depends on...

Surviving The Holocaust Does Not Make You A Holocaust Survivor

The Guardian tells us of an old man who is being evicted from his apartment in California. Apparently the very idea is just terrible,...

If Only The Guardian Actually Understood Peterloo

The Guardian is telling us all about the Peterloo Massacre. Fair enough, it was the founding outrage of the newspaper that became The Guardian....

Drop Bears Are Flammable Now

Falling bear lands on police car in California, causing it to burst into flames Sky News.

A Warning To Boris

“The Continental Telegraph will still keep its eye on the Prime Minister of Britain and all such despotic enemies – whether at home or...