A Very Silly Argument About Farming And Vegetarianism In The Telegraph

It’s not the summer holidays so we’ve not got the day release kids writing the papers as yet. So it’s difficult to understand how this piece managed to make it into the paper. The argument is that since early humans could not deal with fricatives and labiodentals therefore they would not have been able to pronounce the words farming or vegetarianism. That’s fine, obviously enough.

It’s the leap from that to the idea that they wouldn’t have had a word for either and so wouldn’t be able to describe that that irks.…

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To Answer The Guardian About Mediocre Students At Oxford – Polly Toynbee

The Guardian asks us about mediocre students getting into Oxbridge to which the correct response is Polly Toynbee. The background to this is that scandal over in the US where people paid to allow their children to cheat on the exams. We, of course, don’t do such things here. We fix society in a rather different manner.

The Guardian’s headlines:

The US admissions scandal: have any mediocre students ever ended up at Oxbridge?
What’s the best path to a top education in the UK if your grades fall short?

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As the digital-native Millennials enter the workforce, frictions are emerging.

Their loose arrangement with time-keeping, insistence that their jobs must have “meaning”, and their desire for mentoring is proving a challenge for their Gen X bosses, who just wanted someone who would turn up on time and get on with it without whinging.

But in the content industries, the Gen X bosses tend to be deluded liberals too.

Which is leading to some interesting problems.

For example, you will now find mainstream media website front pages are littered with spelling and grammatical errors – Simon Heffer famously left the Telegraph under a cloud because he could no longer bear it any more.…

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Dictatorship Tourism – Amazingly The Observer Doesn’t Mention Cuba

That we might not take our summer hols in places where the local population are oppressed by the government seems a reasonable enough take on moral values. It’s not something we have to agree with, not something we have to disagree with, it’s just a valid enough method of thinking about the world and our actions in it.

That Turkey is becoming decidedly less free is true and to be abhorred. That Duterte’s kill all the druggies isn’t a good idea for the Philippines can be seen as a degree of a similar decline in civil liberty.…

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Doesn’t The Telegraph Have Editors Any More?

As we all know we’re dreadfully threatened by the fake news that can turn up on Facebook and the like. But given the performance of the legacy press there’s not much they’ve got to crow about.

Take this for example:

Kennel Club warns premium White Swiss Shepherd dogs could be sold off as cheaper German cousins ahead of Crufts debut

Why would anyone do something that stupid?

Pet owners have been warned to be vigilant by the Kennel Club when buying White Swiss Shepherd dogs amid fears premium priced puppies are being passed off as their cheaper German cousins.

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The Editorial Calling For Bringing Back The KKK And Hanging The Democrats

There is some muttering about an editorial in a small town newspaper in the US. It is very much a small newspaper in a small town and the views expressed are not of the most progressive and liberal kind. It’s the reaction to it that’s the marker of quite how far we’ve come.

The actual editorial:

There’s an amusement about it being Democrats the Klan needs to go deal with. For back when the Klan was a power in the land the South – where the Klan was a power – was solidly and resolutely Democrat.…

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Owen Jones Doesnt Understand British Business or Minimum Wages

Young Owen went head to head with Brexiteer Tim Martin over the wages he pays his J.D Wetherspoon staff. J.D Wetherspoon has over 700 pubs across the UK employing 1000’s of people. Does young Owen not understand that if Tim were not around, these people would be subject to unemployment? It is not business owners that set minimum wages, but Government…

Firing at the wrong target, Owen?

Wetherspoons also offers a company ‘share’ scheme (such as John Lewis) – which was coincidentally in the Labour manifesto as a target for 50% of UK companies..…

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Owen Jones Wants Us To Throw £10 Billion A Year At His Mates

Owen Jones is not one known for thinking through his plans for the world – not known for acknowledging extant reality in them in fact. So it is with this latest solution of his, the one that imposes censorship on the British media at a cost to the rest of us of £10 billion a year. It’s a nice enough bung for his mates of course but it does rather miss the target.

His first mistake is to think that capitalist organisations try to change the views of their audience.…

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Of Course African Soldiers Got Lower WWII Pay Than European

The latest exemplar of how racist and colonialist we all were back then is that Black African soldiers received less pay than White European ones in the various British armed forces in World War II. Well, yes, this is true and who would expect anything else? Wages in the areas of recruitment were lower thus wages paid to those recruited were.

Something important to understand here. Race itself was not the determinant of pay. A black man who served in a British regiment received exactly the same pay as any other person of the same rank in that same regiment.…

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Bill Gates Is All Wet About Poverty

A certain Dr Jason Hickel wants to tell us that Bill Gates is all wet. Not only that he’s just wrong about the global decline in poverty in recent years. Because capitalism, colonialisation ‘n’ stuff, d’ye see?
Bill says:

Dr. Hickel tells us this is all wet:

What Roser’s numbers actually reveal is that the world went from a situation where most of humanity had no need of money at all to one where today most of humanity struggles to survive on extremely small amounts of money.

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