Bill Gates Is All Wet About Poverty

A certain Dr Jason Hickel wants to tell us that Bill Gates is all wet. Not only that he’s just wrong about the global decline in poverty in recent years. Because capitalism, colonialisation ‘n’ stuff, d’ye see?
Bill says:

Dr. Hickel tells us this is all wet:

What Roser’s numbers actually reveal is that the world went from a situation where most of humanity had no need of money at all to one where today most of humanity struggles to survive on extremely small amounts of money.

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Why Don’t Men Get Called Diva?

Apparently the rare usage of the word diva as applied to men shows how deeply patriarchal our society is, how demeaning to women and cont. pg 94. On the other hand it might just be that it actually is a gendered insult. That is, not one which shows the contempt or hatred for a certain gender, nor anything structural about our society, but instead just one where we have different words for the same behaviour dependent upon the gender of the one being insulted.…

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Sorry Polly, This Shows That Inequality Is A Good Thing, Not Bad

Polly Toynbee has one of her pearl clutchers today, it seems that where people do actually have a meritocracy and its associated inequality then people are just fine with meritocracy and the associated inequality. Given that Polly thinks inequality is bad, d’ye see, this means that there must be some malign influence. Instead of, well, peoples’ lived experience leading them to a conclusion about how they’d like their lives and country to be. You know, in opposition to how Polly would impose it upon us.…

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Bansturbator – Word Of The Year For 2019

The New Year is the time to make wishes for what is to come – mine being that we all start to use the word “bansturbator” more. The reasons why being twofold, firstly that it’s simply a great word, one the language needs. Secondly, it might bring some tiny measure of immortality if it were to become widely used. No, I didn’t invent it but there’s a reasonable chance that I was the first to use it in print.…

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Questions In The Observer We Can Answer

From the always observant John Naughton:

What does it all mean? It’s difficult to say, but for me the main takeaway is a simple question: if the porn industry is as huge as it is, doesn’t that tell us something about human nature?


Like, say, that human beings are very interested in sex. Which, given that we’re all descended from those who had an interest in sex might not be all that remarkable.

This is another entry in our ever popular series of Questions in the Newspapers we can Answer

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Owen Jones Stamps His Little Feet Over Japan Not Accepting Colonialism

It’s a standard trope of the left that colonialism is very bad, very bad indeed – unless an until someone damn foreigners starts doing something that lefties don’t like. As here with Owen Jones winding himself up into a fit of rhetoric over Japan’s likely resumption of commercial whaling. It’s entirely true hat there’s not much point to it, not even the Japanese, who will eat some pretty strange things, like whale meat and most of it is given away as a loss leader for the market that never does arrive.…

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Time Person Of The Year, Journalists – Monstrous Self Regard Of The American Press

Time’s person of the year this year is journalists – a useful sign of the monstrous self-regard of the American press. Yes, some journalists have indeed been killed this year in the performance of their jobs. So have some firemen, some bakers and some prostitutes. It’s also true that some journalists have been jailed simply for doing their jobs – this is true of many other workers too. The reason we’ve got these journalists declared as people of the year is that the people doing the declaring are journalists.…

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Arts Graduates- Neither The Mail Nor Guardian Understands Drug Driving Numbers

This is really rather worrying – the arts graduates who write both the Daily Mail and The Guardian seem to have no clue at all about either numbers or basic logic when dealing with drug driving. The worry stemming from the fact that they are the two leading outlets insisting upon how we should live, telling both us and our rulers what the law should be. One advocates a hellish fascism in which every detail of our lives is controlled by the right thinking and the other is the Daily Mail.…

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The Guardian’s Astonishing Contempt For The Little People

Not that we should be all that terribly surprised by the urban gliteratti’s disgust at the pleasures of the proles but still, this is astonishing. They’re talking about how clothes are cheap these days. This being one of the great achievements of capitalist free marketry of course. We know when Queen Elizabeth I got a pair of stockings – it was something remarked upon even for a Queen. It was those Satanic Mills which led to the girl working in one also having a pair.…

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You Don’t Say – Online News Sites Feed Off Traditional Media

This really shouldn’t surprise – people typing away on their mother’s basement don’t in fact have teams of reporters out around the world doing primary news gathering. Instead, they take the raw material and refashion it into post and newsbites and opinion pieces and….

Yes, we are surprised around here. There is however one manner in which this criticism fails, Which is that the traditional media doesn’t do a great deal or the primary news gathering these days either.

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