A Fascinating Claim, Winning An Election Is Anti-Democratic

Fortunately around here we don’t ingest the same substances that those writing for Salon do:

Don’t get suckered by the polls: Donald Trump will win again — unless we fight for democracy

It’s a fascinating claim, isn’t it? Winning an election is anti-democratic.

Sure, it’s anti-Democratic if the Republican wins but that’s rather the point of the system, isn’t it – that we out here get to do the choosing.

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It’s Amazing How Catholic Robert Reich Is

Yes, I am aware that Robert Reich isn’t genuflecting with those rosary beads as a matter of course.

He is, however, still being remarkably Catholic all the same. For he’s insisting that we proles out here, we common people, just don’t have it. The ability to deal with unfiltered reality. We need, instead, a priestly caste to explain it all to us.

Which is one way of looking at that Catholic and Protestant fight over vernacular versions of the Bible.…

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Lizzie Warren’s Lying – She’ll Need A Middle Class Tax Rise

We really should call out lies when we see them. Yea even when talking about political promises made on the electoral stump. Isn’t this what we’re told Facebook is to be castigated for, allowing people to say untrue things in political advertising?

So, thus, Senator Elizabeth Warren’s tale that she can finance Medicare for All without a middle class tax rise cannot be advertised, can it? For it is untrue.

The intrusion of reality into the claim being that wealth is a stock.…

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Katie Hill Blames Everyone Else And Revenge Porn

There’s a certain element of not being adult here from Katie Hill. She’s resigning from Congress which may or may not be something we should all regret. But the blame is being laid on everyone except Ms. Hill herself. Yet it does indeed seem to be Ms. Hill who was sleeping with three different people.

There are a number of possible responses to such revelations. Our own around here would be that my (our, hers, as you wish) sex life is none of anyone’s damn business other than the people willingly sharing the sex.…

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There’s A Very Definite Amusement To The Katie Hill and #MeToo Story

That someone with political power was less than 100% faithful to their marriage partner should not be all that much of a surprise. Quite a lot of people aren’t faithful in that manner and politics does seem to make it worse. But the who and the who with in the wake of #MeToo does provide some amusement.

California congresswoman Katie Hill, a freshman Democrat and a rising star in the party, announced her resignation on Sunday amid allegations that she had a sexual relationship with a member of her congressional staff.

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Of Course They’re Trying To Silence Breitbart

The only surprise here is quite how naked the insistence is.

Facebook’s launch of a new section on its flagship app dedicated to “deeply-reported and well-sourced” journalism sparked immediate controversy on Friday over the inclusion of Breitbart News, a publication whose former executive chairman explicitly embraced the “alt-right”.

Facebook News is a separate section of the company’s mobile app that will feature articles from about 200 publishers. Friday’s launch is a test and will only be visible to some users in the US.

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The EU Are Much Too Modest About Their Products

Clear product labelling is so important – consumers need information in order to be able to make rational decisions about the products they buy and consume.

The origins of products is particularly important, and as a proud European I feel that the Soviet European Union has for too long been overlooked in the vital role it plays in bringing to our supermarket shelves some of the best products in the world. Commonly, wine labels will say “Produce of France” or Produce of Spain” with no mention of the Soviet European Union at all – this is scandalously nationalist.…

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But Trump Actually Knows That Baltimore Is Infested

There’s a somewhat desperate attempt to insist that Donald Trump was being racist when he described Baltimore as being “infested”. Sure, actual historical people have used the word to describe somewhere having a large number of a certain type of people. A certain Adolf H comes to mind as having done so and he very definitely was indeed a racist.

And yet there is a problem here. Which is that it is possible for a place to be infested with rats – you know, actual rattus rattus sorta stuff – and for someone to say a place is infested with rats and meaning that there are lots of rattus rattus around.…

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Makes No Difference – Trump Must Release His Tax Returns To Be On The California Primary Ballot

In one sense this makes no difference at all – Donald Trump must release his tax returns to appear on the primary ballot paper in California. In another it does make a difference – revealing to all who were too unobservant to note it that the primary rules in the varied states are subject to gross, gross, political interference.

That’s not quite how matters are supposed to be in a democracy but that’s how they are:

President Trump will be ineligible for California’s primary ballot next year unless he discloses his tax returns under a state law that immediately took effect Tuesday, an unprecedented mandate that is almost certain to spark a high-profile court fight and might encourage other states to adopt their own unconventional rules for presidential candidates.

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Just What, Really, Is The Austrian Corruption Scandal?

It is, of course, difficult to project British standards of fair play or clean government onto other countries. Foreigners do things differently after all. We Brits would be entirely livid if, say, Lebedev buying the Evening Standard had been accompanied by cash payments to the political party that allowed him to do that. For that’s not how we do things.

Anyone who thinks that a British company doing business in Russia isn’t making payments is naive.…

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