Brent North Recall: If Elected, Barry Gardiner To Claim His Constituents Didn’t Know What Sort Of Barry They Were Getting

Good old Barry Gardiner has taken it in the knackers from a furious Welshman on LBC today, on the subject of a second referendum, and he mewled the tired old “No-one knew what they were voting for” line.

Apparently back in June 2016 there was insufficient information on the ballot paper for Barry – he feels that voters simply could not have made an informed judgement from the meagre amount of information therein about what Leave and Remain stood for.…

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Corruption In The Coercive And Voluntary Sectors: Rotten Apples? Or The Tips of Icebergs?

The mainstream media now describes a country that does not exist.

Just as their polls were wrong and they failed to understand why, so they now talk only to others like themselves and believe the whole country feels that way. If mainstream media journalists or politicians ever encounter a normal person who hates their guts, they tell themselves they are a Rotten Apple.

And when they encounter a corrupt civil servant, politician or journalist, they pretend the same.…

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Venezuelan Reforms Are Eye-wash

Fox Business reports that Venezuela implements major economic changes – will they work?

Here is one of those headlines that ask a question, and the answer seems clearly a No, because the problem President Maduro is addressing is not that there is no inherent value backing the bolívar, but that the numbers on the price tags are too high.

One reform shouldn’t be too damaging:

Maduro said Sunday that beginning Sept. 1, the minimum wage will be hiked more than 3,000% to around $30, the widely used black market rate.

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The Rotten Fruits of Socialism

Ah yes, they’re at it again.  Venezuela isn’t real socialism.  North Korea isn’t real socialism.  Cuba isn’t real socialism.  In fact anywhere that’s tried socialism wasn’t an example of real socialism, and its results cannot be held as evidence against socialism.  Those shortages, that inflation, that impoverishment – none of it counts against socialism, not even the riots, the beatings, the intimidation by street thugs, the prison camps and the murders.  They are all terrible things, but none of them are admitted as consequences of socialism.

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