Mueller’s No Collusion Finding Over Trump, Elections And Russia


Mueller’s report on collusion between Donald Trump, Vova Putin and Russia over the Presidential election has been handed in. And there seems, according to those who know, to be no evidence leading to any further criminal charges, at least from Mueller. All of which is nicely summed up in this comment:

If the witch finder general, who hates you, determines you’re not a witch, then you probably ain’t a witch.

Dongguan John.

Sure, all sorts of people have been found to have lied about their taxes, not told investigators the full and absolute truth first time around. Payoffs to popsies happened. But actual collusion over elections with foreigners? Not so much:

Robert Mueller recommends no new criminal charges as he ends Russia probe into Donald Trump

That people will keep throwing mud is obvious enough. There’s still 18 months to chew over all this before the election. But:

Robert Mueller, the special counsel, has finished his report into whether Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign colluded with Russia. A US justice department official said Mr Mueller, in his report, had not recommended any further criminal charges.

Rudy Giuliani, Mr Trump’s lawyer, said he was “confident there is no finding of collusion by the president” and Mr Trump had done “nothing wrong”. The report was delivered, as is required, in hard copy form by Mr Mueller’s team to the justice department following an investigation that lasted 675 days.

Looks like there wasn’t any collusion then. They looked, they looked hard, they didn’t find it.