Yet Yann Moix Is Correct About Loving Women Over 50

Yann Moix is one of those French authors rather famous in France and rather unknown anywhere else which is an interesting commentary upon the universality of French culture. He’s also in trouble because he’s just said something so obviously true that it outrages people. He’s said that dating women over 50 just isn’t the same. Which, given that we’re an animal that has evolved is just one of those true things really. If we were to flip the gender switch here it’s the same point as noting the incredible dating success of men of low social status.…

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When, If Ever, Could 50% Of The Population Have Passed The Army Recruitment Fitness Tests?

The Chief of the Defence Staff has said that half the population just isn’t fit enough to be able to pass the Army’s fairly basic fitness tests for recruitment. Quite why this is such a surprise I’m not sure – I’d significantly doubt that there’s never been a time when 50% of the population could pass the current tests. In fact, I’d be willing to wager a modest sum that there’s never been a time when 50% of the population could pass the necessary tests of that time let alone this.…

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Millionaires Have 50% Of The World’s Wealth – This Is Normal, Boringly Normal

A number of newspapers are reporting, breathlessly, the news that millionaires have 50% of the world’s wealth. This is, of course, entire nonsense, nonsense to the point of being complete scrotals. It is only when we narrow it down to the specific definitions that it becomes true, but then when it does become true it’s just boringly normal.

That is, this isn’t news at all, it’s olds:

Personal wealth around the globe reached $201.9 trillion last year, a 12 per cent gain from 2016 and the strongest annual pace in the past five years, Boston Consulting Group said in a report released Thursday.

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That’ll Kill The Next Financial Crisis – City To Spend No More Than £50 On Lunch

It is indeed true that we can make a case for prudential regulation of the financial markets. In theory we can at least. The bigger question, the one that all too rarely gets asked, is whether the prudential financial regulation we do get is worth having. The answer there isn’t so clear. Or, if I’m allowed to descend into opinion, it’s obvious that it isn’t.

Take this:

Big financial institutions including Blackstone and Jupiter Asset Management have set strict caps on client lunches in the latest sign that the days of the City’s famously lavish wining and dining could be coming to an end.

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