Anne Hathaway Explains Her New Diet And Fitness Regime

As we all know Anne Hathaway is she of the famously pointy elbows. As part of the publicity round for her new movie she’s been explaining her diet and fitness regime. She’s not drinking and she is eating meat again – or at least is pescatarian rather than the former vegan.

The tale is told in these two headlines:

Anne Hathaway Just Revealed The Reason She Quit Being Vegan


Anne Hathaway elaborates on why she’s done drinking: ‘It makes me unavailable for my son’

Put those together and we find that Anne Hathaway has quit being a vegan because she’s now entirely sober.…

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Drugs And Booze Before Sex – Brits Do This More Than Others

Wish we could all say this was a surprise but given the modern Brit it probably isn’t. Apparently we use drugs and booze before having sex more than people from other places:

Drugs before sex more common in UK than in Europe or US – study
UK citizens more likely to use alcohol, MDMA or cocaine before sex, researchers find

It could of course be simply that we enjoy more of that civil liberty to ingest to our pleasure than other peoples.…

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Booze As Bad As Tabs For Causing Cancer – Not, Actually, What We Want To Know

The latest piece of scaremongering here about the risks of booze to our health. A bottle of wine a week, for women, raises the risk of cancer by the same amount as 10 cigarettes a week. Well, OK, of certain sorts of cancer then. That being useful information to have but it’s not actually what we want to know. Which is, how does some level of booze – or some level of smoking – contribute or not to overall mortality risk.…

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British Women Are Drinking Themselves To Death! – How To Understand This Report

The latest figures on alcohol related deaths in the UK are out from the Office for National Statistics and they show that women of a certain maturity have been drinking themselves to death in ever increasing numbers. This of course the very terror of the ages and no doubt real soon now we’ll be told that we just must have minimum pricing on booze.

We might actually want to think on this a little bit more and try to understand it:

Baby boomers’ drinking blamed for pushing alcohol-related deaths among women to highest ever level


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We Might Have A Clue Here About The Death Of The English Pub

Strangely, the Observer manages to not pick up on this rather large clue. Bit of a pity but then it’s not exactly fashionable to note such these days.

Accrington and its surrounding district have lost 50 of 95 public houses since 2001. But why?
Helen Pidd and Rob Davies Nationally, more than a quarter of British pubs have closed since 2001. Photograph: Mark Waugh for the Observer
Fifteen years ago, taxi driver Basharat Khan would drive past the Hyndburn Inn on Accrington’s Blackburn Road and marvel at how packed it was.

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Of Course Booze Is Good For You – And Bad. Depends Upon The Amount

We were recently treated to the claim that even one beer a day is injurious to health. Thus negation of all we thought we knew about booze was create y simply ignoring the health of anyone who doesn’t drink booze at all. A rather more balanced view is this, from The Conversation. It’s still more than a bit namby pamby but it’s better.

Is alcohol bad for you? It depends on the drink and how you drink it

Recent headlines claim that a glass of wine or a pint of beer a day shortens your life.…

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Binge Drinkers Move To Cold Climates To Indulge

Given current standards of science journalism this is how the finding that people in cold climate binge drink more might be reported – that binge drinkers move to cold climates. The distinctions between correlation, cause and effect, not being something that the arts graduates who write our national newspapers have really caught up with. Fortunately, in this specific instance, it’s not that bad.

There is indeed a correlation between sunlight hours and binge drinking. A strong enough connection that we’d be entirely happy to ascribe some causality to it.…

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But Would The People Of Bihar Prefer Alcohol To The Land Of Cheese And Honey?

The Indian state of Bihar banned all alcohol a couple of years back. They’ve also hired a couple of, erm, think tanks, to study the impacts. Which are said to be that the money people didn’t spend on alcohol has been spent upon better saris and milk products and honey. Some will say that this shows the success of the policy. But which would the people of Bihar prefer? A reasonable clue being what did they spend money upon when they had the choice?…

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Booze Kills As Badly As Cigarettes Apparently

We have a new study out, in the Lancet no less, telling us that the new, lower, limits for reasonable alcohol consumption are just right. Well, of course the report says that, right? The problem being that it’s entirely contrary to the more general experience we’ve got of booze consumption. For, yes indeedy, there’s a level of drinking which will – as always, on average – shorten life. But our experience to date is that it’s several times what is the current measure of safe consumption.…

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