As The Guardian Says, We Really Should Change Bank Holidays – Crecy, Agincourt, Trafalgar?

This is one of those things which comes up time and again – we really ought to do something about Bank Holidays. It’s one of those hardy perennials of journalism, drag out the old copy, update it again and you’ll be able to sell it a couple of times a year, no sweat. There does have to be just the leeeetle variation to get it past the subs each time but that’s fine.

Julian Baggini giving us his variation in the key of Spring this year:

Bank holidays are a British idiosyncrasy that some former members of our empire continue to honour.

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Do we get Bank Holidays right?

As the UK slides unto another long weekend of days off in the rain and traffic jams headed for the coasts, attention turns once again to the question of whether we do this right. 

The aim was laudable enough.  When John Lubbock, himself a banker, introduced the Bank Holiday Bill in 1871, the aim was to add statutory holidays.  If banks were closed and no financial transactions could take place, other workers would also gain a day off.

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