Some Men Actually Are Sexist You Know

Yet another grouping that fails to understand how markets work:

The Campaign for Real Ale (Camra) is calling time on beers that feature sexist names or imagery at its flagship annual event, the Great British beer festival, in a new move to stamp out outdated discriminatory attitudes. Drinks that have fallen victim to crude stereotyping – such as Slack Alice, a cider described as “a little tart” and pump clips featuring scantily-clad buxom women – have been banned from this week’s event at London’s Olympia which is set to attract tens of thousands of visitors.

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Japan’s Rugby Is Great, Rugby Culture Might Be A Bit Of A Shock Tho’

That Japanese rugby is coming along in strides is clearly and obviously true. But with the World Cup to be held there this autumn there might still be the odd little cultural shock to be had. For the organisers have had to – quite seriously – warn bars not to run out of beer:

It’s the stuff of nightmares for rugby fans: organisers of the upcoming World Cup in Japan have raised fears that bars and restaurants in host cities could run out of beer during the tournament.

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Booze Is Booze- Wine And Beer, Order Doesn’t Matter

There are reasons to drink beer before wine – thirst, for example. Being really thirsty and getting stuck into the wine can cause it’s own problems. But avoiding hangovers isn’t one of those reasons. From The Conversation:

Plenty of us have been there: waking up after a night out with a thumping headache, feeling sick and swearing never to touch alcohol again. If only there were a way to prevent these terrible hangovers.

It isn’t uncommon for us to mix our drinks, maybe a beer in the pub before moving on to wine.…

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They’ve Not Found Ancient Beer In Cambridge – Ale Instead

Apparently they’ve found Iron Age beer, or the remains of it, in roadworks in Cambridgeshire – this isn’t true, they’ve found ale instead. OK, true, the distinction I’m talking about is archaic but then when talking about archaeology we should be so, no? We should and do distinguish between Scots and Picts in history, they being different from the Scots today. We distinguish rather less than we should over things like slavery – the moral condemnation of those in the past who did what every society in the past did is a tad de trop at times.…

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Of Course Booze Is Good For You – And Bad. Depends Upon The Amount

We were recently treated to the claim that even one beer a day is injurious to health. Thus negation of all we thought we knew about booze was create y simply ignoring the health of anyone who doesn’t drink booze at all. A rather more balanced view is this, from The Conversation. It’s still more than a bit namby pamby but it’s better.

Is alcohol bad for you? It depends on the drink and how you drink it

Recent headlines claim that a glass of wine or a pint of beer a day shortens your life.…

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Climate Change Will Cause The Great Beer Drought

You’ll have seen the various reports over the past few days that climate change is going to do terrible damage to the beer industry. The mechanism is that drought and heat will reduce the barley yield, this will then reduce the amount of beer that can be made. What follows is the explanation from the actual researchers of what they’ve done. It is, to put it mildly, nonsense. For their assumptions are wrong. Let us say that climate change does reduce barley yields on those lands currently planted to it.

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Britain Must Frack For Gas Or Be The Country With No Beer

The link between the necessity for Britain to get on with fracking for natural gas underneath Liverpool and the risk of our becoming the country with no beer might indeed go through a few steps but it is still watertight and sound. For there really is a link between the two things. This having a greater importance than the risk of trashing Liverpool – no risk for who cares – or of running out of beer – a calamity that should not befall our fair land.…

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Fair And Free Trade – Alberta Told To Stop Subsidising Brewers

It does come as something of a surprise to find that Canada has more than two brewers – Molson and Labatts – but that’s an obvious implication of this story. That, in the name of free and fair trade Alberta must stop subsidising craft brewers. It’s also an obvious point that if we’re to have that free and fair trade then provincial governments can’t go around selectively subsidising producers in a certain location or sector. And that is what they were doing:

Alberta’s subsidy plan to boost its own craft beer industry has been hammered again by a trade panel ruling.

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