Bernie Sanders And Walmart’s $11 An Hour – Top 3% Income Globally

Bernie Sanders insists that $11 an hour is too small a wage. This, the starting wage at Walmart, is not a living wage. Which, if we’re honest about it, is a hell of a piece of news for us out here in the real world. Because $11 an hour is pretty good money actually. Puts you in the top 3% of all incomes globally. And if top 3% really just isn’t enough then we’ve got to start wondering what would be.…

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Bernie Sanders’ Ignorance On McDonald’s And The $15 Minimum Wage

Bernie Sanders is displaying his ignorance of matters economic here. Even, actually, his complete disregard for basic arithmetic. But then you know, politician in election season, we are really going to hold him to some standard of truth and honesty, right?

So, the basic idiocy:

“If Amazon can raise their minimum wage to $15 an hour there is no reason that McDonald’s, a company that took in $1.4bn in profit and paid its CEO $22m, can’t pay its workers a living wage,” said Sanders in a statement.

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Just How Bad Was Hillary If Joe Biden Leads Bernie By 32 Points?

Sure, all the attention is on who is going to gain the next Democratic nomination, not who blew the last one. Yet it’s still an interesting question – just how bad was Hillary Clinton as a candidate?

For Joe Biden isn’t anyone’s idea of a vibrant and charismatic candidate. He’s not got a known view on anything at all that’s not the standard machine politics. He’s even been known to lift his rhetoric from Neil Kinnock.…

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Bernie Sanders Doesn’t Really Believe In Higher Tax – Not For Him Anyway

Bernie Sanders says that rich people – rich people like him and his wife that is – should pay higher taxes. Bernie Sanders does not voluntarily pay those higher taxes he thinks rich people should pay. He’s thus not really in favour of higher taxes upon rich people, is he?

The thing being something that economists like to point to. There’s a difference between expressed preferences and revealed preferences. In the vernacular, talk is cheap and actions count.…

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Bernie Sanders Won’t Win In 2020 – Dems Won’t Let Him

There’s a claim that Bernie Sanders can win the Presidential election in 2020. This seems most unlikely to me as I can’t see any manner in which the Democratic Party will allow him to win the primaries. And I really can’t see him winning as a third party candidate.

Conservatives, Don’t Be Fooled. Bernie Can Win.

No, not really.

True, he nearly managed to pull it off last time around but do recall that he was running against Hills.…

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It’s The FDA Stupid – Bernie Sanders Ponders Free Drug Costing $375,000

A general and useful rule is that when something is wrong with the American health care system we should blame the bureaucracy – something Bernie Sanders should recall when pondering the formerly free drug which now costs $375,000 for a year’s treatment.

Sure, people are taking advantage, but they’re taking advantage of the system as it has been set up by Congress and the Food and Drug Administration. Blaming people for acting by the rules you yourself have written isn’t a good look.…

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A Question About Bernie’s Medicare For All – Why Not Medicaid For All?

As we know Bernie Sanders wants to sort out American medical care once and for all by establishing what he calls Medicare For All. Well, OK, I don’t think that’s a good idea and I don’t think it will work as advertised either. But the US has two national and tax funded health care programs, Medicare and Medicaid. That second also appears, on paper at least, to be the better program. It covers more health care services for example, nursing home care, personal care.…

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Sure Medicare For All Would Be Cheaper – By Cutting Doctor And Nurse Salaries By 25%

Bernie Sanders has his idea of Medicare for all as a method of cutting the costs of health insurance in the United States. Or perhaps the plan is simply to increase the influence of government over the population, always difficult to be certain with the Progressives. And dependent upon how you do the sums it looks like it might actually be cheaper overall. Not that getting government to do something usually is cheaper but then sums, assumptions and so on.…

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Bernie Sanders Aims At Amazon And Gets Millions Of Low Wage Workers Fired

If only Bernie Sanders understood even the merest hint of economics. But then, obviously enough, if Bernie Sanders understood any economics then he’d not be Bernie Sanders, would he? His latest idea is that American companies should be fined, or at least taxed more, if they hire low income workers. A casual thought or two about this would tell us that this isn’t likely to have a good outcome for low income workers but Bernie is proposing it all the same.…

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Seems Reasonable, Democrats Won’t Allow Bernie Sanders To Run As a Democrat – As He Ain’t A Democrat

I have to admit that this mooted move by the Democratic National Committee seems entirely reasonable to me. The effect of it will be to prevent Bernie Sanders from running as the Democratic candidate for President next time around. On the – to me thoroughly reasonable – basis that he’s not actually a Democrat. And it does seem reasonable enough that if you want to run as part of a party then you be part of that party you’re running as.…

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