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To Explain Why The Democratic Party Hates Bernie Sanders

She wouldn’t pass the Facebook truth in advertising test

You’d think that someone hauling in the young would be someone a political party would like. It does, after all, presage well for the future if you follow that Jesuit line of propagandising moulding them good and proper while good and young.

But that Democratic Party establishment hates Bernie. Why?

The contest to find a moderate Democrat able to defeat first Bernie Sanders and then President Trump became more muddled yesterday after a split vote allowed the veteran leftwinger to become the party’s new frontrunner.

Why don’t they want Bernie?

“Our campaign is not just about beating Trump, it is about transforming this country,” Mr Sanders said. “This is about having the courage to take on Wall Street, the insurance companies, the drug companies, the fossil fuel industry, the military industrial complex.”

The thing being that the establishment of the Democratic Party makes a very good living – very good indeed – from being a parasite on that current structure of the economy. As does the similar establishment of the Republican Party of course.

The point about elections being not to kill the Golden Goose but to get a turn at the trough. Someone who’s out to murder the sinecures isn’t what is required at all. And to be far more feared than another four years before the ladles get supped from again.

Sure, this is being cynical about politics but the correct question to ask about political parties is always “Am I being cynical enough?”

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4 years ago

Reminds me of dear Pauline Hanson, who just wickedly said that there’s no point in spending more money on the abos, if they don’t send their kids to school or turn up for the jobs they’re offered.

Could it be that all those screaming racism are parasites on the aboriginal industry? I suspect my suggestion of doubt means that I’m too sweet and trusting.

4 years ago

Bernie (Independent-Vermont) is not a Democrat. He caucuses and votes with them in the Senate, but otherwise does not pay his dues.

He is advising us to kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. (So is Elizabeth Warren.) This demagoguery helps and hurts recruitment. Dems aren’t going to carry it out fully, perhaps even if they got all the houses, because it wouldn’t work and would wreck the economy; not only that they are in league with the goose. All of the above are reasons some Democrats oppose Bernie.

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