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Bernie Sanders Won’t Win In 2020 – Dems Won’t Let Him

There’s a claim that Bernie Sanders can win the Presidential election in 2020. This seems most unlikely to me as I can’t see any manner in which the Democratic Party will allow him to win the primaries. And I really can’t see him winning as a third party candidate.

[perfectpullquote align=”full” bordertop=”false” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Conservatives, Don’t Be Fooled. Bernie Can Win.[/perfectpullquote]

No, not really.

True, he nearly managed to pull it off last time around but do recall that he was running against Hills. Sure, she had the entire monstrous Clinton machine working for her but that put near everyone else onto the one side against it. An elderly socialist might not be quite what America did want but was a rallying cry against the Clintonistas.

There is no unifying factor within the Dems these days. And the establishment isn’t going to allow themselves to be blindsided in quite the same manner either.

Yes, yes, I know everyone’s got columns to write for the next two years but really. Bernie’s not going to make it. Who will, well….my own prediction is only that the fight against Trump is going to be very much harder than most seem to think.

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Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan
2 years ago

It’ll be hard to beat Trump because the Democrats believe their own fake news that he is the devil incarnate. Only if they accept he is popular for a reason will there be any chance of them addressing their failing (and having a chance to win).

Pussy hats and #MeToo won’t cut it.

2 years ago

Fixing the Democrat Primaries is the obvious warm-up practice for fixing the presidential election so naturally Tammany Hall will fix them.

Geri Santos
Geri Santos
2 years ago

What idiocy. When will Bernie be responsible for his own loss? The DNC didn’t make Bernie lose the Black vote by 50%, the wo.wn and Hispanic vote by 35%. The DNC didn’t tell Bernie to skip the south until it was too late. He only received 13M votes out of a possible 200M. The DNC isn’t an advertising agency. Not being a hateful, angry asshole, might’ve helped.

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