Nuts and Bolts

No, the headline isn’t about a bloke who’s had a few too many down at the pub head butting a drinker and then bolting the scene. We wish it was. A bit of violence might put you on edge for a moment or two. But what’s going on at Boeing; now that’s really scary. You see, it’s about the quality problems that are surfacing at Boeing.

A recent article by the Post and Courier available here suggests there are real issues with the way Boeing is quality assuring its airplane:

Airline surveys point to ongoing production problems at Boeing’s SC plant

Yes, those are the very things that you and I fly around in.…

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US Makes Americans Poorer With Tariffs – EU Retaliates To Make Europeans Poorer

If you’d like to see the lunacy with which governments – politics that is – discuss and act upon trade there’s nothing better than this story about the illegal subsidies to Airbus. The European Union – and associated governments – have been providing launch subsidies so that Airbus can get failures like the A 380 off the ground. This breaches World Trade Organisation rules, as the WTO has ruled. Such subsidies of course make Europeans poorer and also Americans richer.…

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Boeing’s Problem Isn’t 737 Max Crash Victims But Companies

This of course sounds rather cruel to have to point out but Boeing’s financial problem isn’t with those who died on those two crashes of the 737 Max. Direct losses and compensation like that are limited by the Warsaw Convention for a start.

The big problem is going to be airlines, who can’t use their 737s while all this investigating and working out goes on. As I’ve pointed out elsewhere:

That Boeing (NYSE:BA) has a problem with the 737 Max is obvious enough.

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The Background To The FAA Approving Boeing’s 737 Max. Yes, Money Was Involved

Not money in the sense of brown envelopes, but the FAA does try to balance the ability of plane makers to actually make planes, thus money, with the protection of the consumer and commuter. Nothing that weights a few hundred tonnes and also soars through the air is ever going to be entirely and wholly safe. It’s always a compromise over several different factors therefore. So, from The Conversation, an explanation of some of those trade offs:

Boeing 737 Max: The FAA wanted a safe plane – but didn’t want to hurt America’s biggest exporter either

Recent incidents aside, air travel is incredibly safe these days.…

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Why Boeing 737 Maxs Fall Out Of The Sky – It’s Complicated

That the Boeing 7373 Max plane might not be the safest ever to take to the skies could be truthfully said. Quite why though is the thing under discussion. We’ve had our own attempt at it a couple of days back and it seems that we had the proximate cause right – the software – but not perhaps the ultimate. It’s the series of design choices which led to the plane itself. Which then had to be compensated for by a change to the software.…

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Ethiopia’s Boeing 737 Max Crash – Probably The Autopilot Software

A reasonable – and as yet unproven – theory for the Ethiopian and Lion Airlines crashes of the Boeing 7373 Max aircraft is something wrong with the autopilot or flight control software. The specific point being that to lengthen the aircraft is to change flight characteristics and did the software upgrade change sufficiently to cope with that?

All-new Echo Dot (3rd Gen) – Smart speaker with Alexa – Charcoal Fabric

This is from The Conversation and is obviously preliminary.…

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Jetting Off

We’re as fond as flying as the next guy. Really. That wonderful experience that allows you to get from A to B and back again in the twinkle of an eye. We’ve flown around in pretty much everything and can recall, as a young ‘un, a particularly lovely flight to Alderney many summers ago. As we touched down on the grass strip, we skidded on the morning dew and eventually the prop plane drew to a stop near the shed that served as the terminal.…

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