There Always Is A Prodnose Telling Us To Swear Off The Booze, Isn’t There?

The latest drivel from the prodnoses and wowsers is that we Brits are doing our drinking in entirely the wrong manner. We, apparently, like to get drunk. This will not do of course so we’re advised that we should in fact drink and yet not get drunk.

Sigh. You can almost hear the tooth sucking at this finding:

Meanwhile, UK drinkers regretted just under a fifth (18.5%) of their drinking sessions, compared to 20% globally.

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British Women Are Drinking Themselves To Death! – How To Understand This Report

The latest figures on alcohol related deaths in the UK are out from the Office for National Statistics and they show that women of a certain maturity have been drinking themselves to death in ever increasing numbers. This of course the very terror of the ages and no doubt real soon now we’ll be told that we just must have minimum pricing on booze.

We might actually want to think on this a little bit more and try to understand it:

Baby boomers’ drinking blamed for pushing alcohol-related deaths among women to highest ever level


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Of Course Booze Is Good For You – And Bad. Depends Upon The Amount

We were recently treated to the claim that even one beer a day is injurious to health. Thus negation of all we thought we knew about booze was create y simply ignoring the health of anyone who doesn’t drink booze at all. A rather more balanced view is this, from The Conversation. It’s still more than a bit namby pamby but it’s better.

Is alcohol bad for you? It depends on the drink and how you drink it

Recent headlines claim that a glass of wine or a pint of beer a day shortens your life.…

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Binge Drinkers Move To Cold Climates To Indulge

Given current standards of science journalism this is how the finding that people in cold climate binge drink more might be reported – that binge drinkers move to cold climates. The distinctions between correlation, cause and effect, not being something that the arts graduates who write our national newspapers have really caught up with. Fortunately, in this specific instance, it’s not that bad.

There is indeed a correlation between sunlight hours and binge drinking. A strong enough connection that we’d be entirely happy to ascribe some causality to it.…

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How Much Is “Too Much”?

Nick Cohen, over in the Guardian, is busy telling us all that we must drink less and that Scotland raising the minimum price of alcohol (hitting poor people’s cheap cider and bargain booze, but not directly affecting craft lagers, appellation d’origine contrôlée wines and artisan gin) is a Good Thing because the industry makes its profits by exploiting addicts who are drinking themselves to death en masse.

It is a truth universally unacknowledged that, like drugs cartels, the drink industry makes most of its money from addicts.

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Business Opportunity of the Day – Teenage Booze Holidays

It is a business truth universally acknowledged that if all the current practitioners are insistent upon moving up market then there’s an opportunity for a new market entrant to appeal to that lowest level of consumers. Tesco moving away from pile it high and sell it cheap provides the opportunity for Aldi and Lidl to occupy that former space. The Monkees releasing an album where they didn’t use session musicians led to the space for more boy bands.…

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Booze Ain’t Half The Price, Wages Have Doubled

The wowsers over at the Institute for Alcohol (note, this translates as the Institute Against Alcohol) claim that supermarket booze has halved in price over the past three decades. This is not true, it’s not even what they themselves say. Instead, what they are saying is that wages, as measured in booze, have doubled over the 30 years. Given that this is actually a major aim of any economic policy, in fact of the very idea of having an economy, that we should all become richer over time this is a good thing, not a problem that needs to be solved.…

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