Boris Johnson And The Non-Racism Of A Nigerian Interest In Money

The latest claim is that Boris Johnson is a racist because he talks of a “Nigerian interest in money”. Which is about the point that we’ve got to tell these people to go get a life. For the quote comes from 1999. About when we were all being bombarded with the Nigerian 419 scam which is what the reference is to.

So, you know, sod off:

Boris Johnson has been accused of pushing racial stereotypes over a newly-unearthed column written during his time as editor of the Spectator in which he said young people had “an almost Nigerian interest in money”.

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Dear Nick Cohen – All Politics Is Like This And Always Has Been

It’s perhaps a slightly jaundiced view but there’s much truth in it. And we’re not exactly overjoyed about it either but we don’t think there’s anything new in this:

Party democracy is the enemy of representative democracy. Party democracy stops MPs speaking out against racism and warning of the perils facing their country. Party democracy makes politicians put their members ahead of their constituents. Party democracy makes them flatter coteries of arrogant obsessives. Party democracy is the enemy of conscience and judgment.

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Making And Selling Coca Cola Is A Sin Says The Senior Lecturer

A gentleman who is soon to be unemployed as an economics professor tells us that the production and sale of Coca Cola is a sin:

If sin such a terrible thing when it comes in the form a can of Coke? Well, yes it is when the planet cannot afford that waste of resources, the product is laden with anti-competitive protections and potential tax loopholes, and it happens to have contributed to substantial increases in childhood (and other) obesity.

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To Explain Polly Toynbee And Boris Johnson

Polly Toynbee has a visceral hatred of Boris Johnson. A truly vicious despising of the man and the ground he walks upon. Which could be fair enough to be honest, he’s certainly a cad which is would engender the vituperation from any generation’s matriarchs – of which Polly is one of ours of course.

Even so this is pretty strong:

The charm, the magic, the charisma were well polished – and this is as good as the man gets on best behaviour after weeks of behind-the-scenes training.

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Boris’ Tax Cut – It’s Eyecatching But The Wrong One

Boris Johnson is suggesting that he should mark his ascension to the throne by having a large and lovely tax cut. Yes, good idea, why not? However, he’s rather aiming his fiscal power at the wrong part of the income distribution. We do indeed want lower marginal tax rates because of that Laffer Curve stuff. And yes, it is a bit steep that the middle classes hand over 50% and more – when including NI – of their marginal income to the diversity advisers.…

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Don’t Be Silly, Of Course Boris Johnson Is A Feminist

There’s a certain amount of confused thinking going on here and it’s not by us:

Boris Johnson ridiculed for claiming he is a feminist

Why ridiculed?

Boris Johnson’s claim that he is a feminist has been ridiculed by Labour MP Jess Phillips. Ms Phillips, a prominent campaigner on women’s rights, said: ‘If Boris Johnson is a feminist, then I went to Eton.’

We have considerable evidence that Boris rather likes women, don’t we? Even that he gave  a woman a lift to exercise her natural right to have an abortion.…

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Owen Jones Is Worried About Boris Johnson, Isn’t He?

If you write grand columns about who might be leader of a political party you don’t and never will belong to – Owen’s not clever enough to mature out of socialism into conservatism – then you’ve obviously got something of a problem with that person who you’re expending all the effort to complain about. As with Owen Jones here and Boris Johnson.

We could suggest that Owen’s just frightened for the country given what Boris might do to it but who would ever suspect Jones of something boringly norm like that?…

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Heidi Allen Wants Boris Johnson As Prime Minister

This is not, obviously enough, what Heidi Allen – oh come on, you know her, umm, sure we all do, head of, umm, no, leader, of Chukka United, umm, maybe, well, Change UK then? – actually says but it is what she means, that she’d like Boris Johnson to become Prime Minister:

Brexit: Boris Johnson becoming prime minister would make Tory MPs defect to Change UK party, its leader says

A reasonable guide to being a nonentity is when the headline writers don’t use your name but your job or position.…

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Boris Johnson Could Be PM – Thus Knives Out Over £300k Lost On Water Cannons

A useful way to tell how feeble people think Theresa May’s hold on being Prime Minister is is to see who is slagging off Boris Johnson and why. Thus this attention being paid to the £300,000 he wasted while London Mayor on buying and importing some water cannon which aren’t actually legal to use in the UK. They’ve just been sold for £11,000 – scrap value basically – and of course this is being talked about as a massive scandal.…

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