The Report Into Sex Abuse Allegations At Downside And Ampleforth

The report into historic reports of sexual abuse of children at Ampleforth and Downside has been released. There’s a personal interest here as I attended Downside from 1976 to 1981. The report confirms what I thought I knew about the incidence of such abuse. At least as far as I knew/know, as far as the report has uncovered, it wasn’t happening there at that time. The Great Subject of sexual gossip at that time was – and presumably can continue to be – the exact nature of the relationship between one monk/housemaster and Joanna Lumley.…

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Don’t Ban Digital Child Pornography, Subsidise It Instead

There’s a good argument that instead of trying to ban digital child pornography we should be subsidising it instead. But such is the quality of the Great and the Good who rule us that it would simply never become law. The point is that porn reduces the acting out of sexual desires. No, not in every single case but the balance over the population is that this is so. Thus more porn means less of the actual crime itself that we’re trying to get away from.…

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First They Came For Oxfam But Because I Was Not Oxfam….

We could parody that rather famous line or perhaps we could ascribe this sex scandal in charities in rather more vernacular fashion, there but for the grace of God go…..there being an interesting point here over and above just being able to point at the holier than thou.

For of course the argument from Oxfam, Save the Children, Action Aid and all the rest has been that they are doing good. Therefore we should just shut up and shovel the money their way.…

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