UK Child Poverty Means More Need Free Shoes

That’s one way to read this story. It’s also the way the story is being told. Finally, it’s the wrong way to read the story.

The argument is being made that child poverty is rising so much in the UK that there needs to be a free distribution of shoes. As one set of children grow out of them then they can be sent on to the next age group who are growing into them.

Well, OK, what’s wrong with this picture?…

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So, Child Grooming Online’s Not Much Of An Issue Then

We can return to mistakes made as teenagers being just that, mistakes made as teenagers that we then learn from. This being what childhood is of course, the process of making mistakes so that we know not to do that again.

Which is the correct answer to this news from the NSPCC:

More than 200,000 secondary school children may have been groomed online, research suggests. A survey carried out on behalf of children’s charity the NSPCC found that around 4% of young people aged 11 to 17 questioned had sent, received or been asked to send sexual content to an adult when using various sites and apps.

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The Market Doesn’t Lie – Fewer Female And BAME Characters In Picture Books

Sure, we could say that only white characters turn up in picture books because the printing ink’s cheaper. But that would be to be facile and jejeune, most unlike us around here. The Guardian is telling us though that there are fewer female and BAME characters in picture books this year.

Which might be a problem, might not be, entirely up to you to decide that for yourself. The thing to remember here though is that markets don’t lie.…

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As I’ve Been Saying, There Is No Gender Pay Gap, There’s A Motherhood One

We can even measure and prove this contention, that there isn’t actually a gender pay gap. Instead, there’s one resulting from being a mother. An important distinction as what we do about it – whether we do anything at all – depends upon the cause, doesn’t it?

Child penalties across countries: Evidence and explanations
Henrik Kleven, Camille Landais, Johanna Posch, Andreas Steinhauer, Josef Zweimüller 14 May 2019

Despite considerable convergence over time, substantial gender inequality persists in all countries.…

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Taking The Daughter’s Easter Eggs – Socialism In Action At Mumsnet

That a young girl – 3 years old –  might find 13 or more Easter eggs to be a little much for such a small frame could well be true. It’s not entirely obvious that Mother eating them for her is entirely the solution. But then we can indeed bolster this argument with appeals to fairness. She’s got lots, I’ve none, so she should share:

Posting on the parenting forum Mumsnet, the woman insisted that the seven Easter eggs her three-year-old daughter has received is “too much for such a small child”.

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Stanstead 15 – Pleading The Belly No Longer Works As A Sentencing Dodge

This is an interesting application of modern feminism to the criminal justice system – the Stanstead 15 case is seeing an attempt to revive the pleading of the belly defence. Not against conviction, but against sentencing. Mothers, you see, are so special that to have them treated just like anyone else would be a grievous miscarriage. Which isn’t really quite what all those women have fought for over the years, is it?

But that is what is being tried on here:

Stansted 15 activist: ‘Jail separation from my baby would be horrific’

Well, yes, it might quite likely be such.…

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To Conclude That R. Kelly’s Sales Are Falling, Record Label Drops Singer Over Child Allegations

What rather gets missed in discussions of culture is that the entertainment business itself is one of the most ruthlessly capitalist on the planet. Make good money at the business end of things and near all will be forgiven. Fail to do so and the most righteous behaviour will be ignored when it comes to deals and jobs and placements and distribution and casting.

Sean Penn doesn’t get paid to make movies because he’s a drifting leftist, nor Arnie because he’s an adherent of Austrian politics.…

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Meghan’s Baby Won’t Be A Royal Highness But She Will Have A Title

It appears that we’ve got to educate the Americans in how these titles things work again. It could be that it’s just they don’t have any so don’t understand the functioning of these important things, could be just that they’re colonials and thus don’t know any better. But while it’s entirely true, as things stand right now, that Meghan Markle’s upcoming child won’t be a Royal Highness there will still be a title involved. For the babbie’s father is a Duke, therefore there will be a title involved, that’s the way these things work:

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry‘s baby may not be called Royal Highness — thanks to his or her great-great-grandparent.

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Of Course We Should Allow Payments For Surrogacy

Al Roth gained his Nobel in part for the study of repugnant transactions. One such being things like payments for body parts – kidneys say- and here in the UK that applies to surrogacy arrangements as well. There’re all sorts of restrictions and there shouldn’t be. As this piece nicely explains. From The Conversation:

Commercial surrogacy: lifting legal restrictions is the moral thing to do to help people trying to have babies

When it comes to the controversial issue of surrogate motherhood – and, in particular, payment for such services – the law in the UK needs to be reviewed.…

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Child Tooth Extraction In Hospital Lies – Because the Rules Changed about Anaesthesia

We have the rending of garments over the rise in the number of children who are having teeth extracted in hospital. This is being blamed on both a decline in the amount of money on offer to dentists and the rise in the amount of sugar in the nation’s diet. The problem with the story? There’s less sugar in the nation’s diet, kiddies’ teeth are better than they have been for centuries and there’s no rise in extractions.…

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