Owen Jones Misses What’s Changed For Chuka Umunna – Owen Jones And Friends

Clearly and obviously Owen Jones is going to hate Chuka Umunna. This is just how it works on the left, the real, pure and distilled hatred is reserved for those infinitesimally to the right but still upon the left. For those are the people delaying the arrival of true socialism by misleading the righteous desires of the proletariat. Left-centrists are unpardonable in believing that the system can be managed into righteous change when all righteous know that it must be overthrown in Revolution!…

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As Change UK Just Proved, Facebook Advertising Doesn’t Dominate Politics

Perhaps the problem was that Heidi Allen and Chuka Umunna actually believed the reporting from Carole Cadwalladr? You know, how a few tens of thousands of pounds from the Russian swung the Brexit referendum, or was it the Russians who paid for Trump to win? For that general contention is that Facebook’s a threat to our very democracy, their advertising is so persuasive that we’re all as but zombies in the face of it.

Well, yes:

It might have been the perfect natural experiment.…

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Chuka Umunna’s Voting Hypocrisy

Chuka Umunna yesterday launched The Independent Group’s so-called manifesto (although they deny thats what it is). Either way this policy document outlines the groups stance. At the forefront of the 50 page document was re-nationalisation of services and getting rid of tuition fees. -oddly for a (former) Labour MP calling the policies ‘..a waste of money” and “obsolete”.

We assume either that Chuka has had a huge enlightenment in the last two weeks over welfare and economics or was playing party politics whilst hanging around the Labour benches as he has consistently voted for the policies above.…

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How Cute, Chuka Umunna Thinks It’s Actually About Him

There’s politics and then there’s delusion. Sure, to go into politics you have to have a certain confidence, a certain belief that you are indeed The Man. Such confidence not being something Chuka Umunna is short of. Yet it’s entirely possible for such confidence to move off into the realms of delusion.

For Chuka is going to leave the Labour Parry – so it is alleged at least – in order to be The Man who saves the country.…

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