Apple’s Credit Card Should Be Sexist

The artificial intelligence that runs Apple’s new credit card – in association with Goldman Sachs – is apparently sexist. Good, it should be.

For the point about AIs, ‘bots and all the rest is that they’re an attempt to describe the world around us. That’s the only way they’re useful or effective, that they illuminate something of the reality surrounding us.

For example, should – just to pick an example – Burmese children be stunted through malnutrition?…

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You Know, Capping Interest Rates A La Bernie And AOC Might Be A Bad Idea. Maybe?

If you cap a price below the cost of providing that item then you effectively ban that item. If you cap interest rates on certain types of loans, below the cost of loan provision, then you ban that type of loan. This has been proven with interest rate caps on payday loans. Where the cap bites there are no such loans. So, the idea of capping credit card interest is a good or a bad one?

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Banco Santander Credit Card Computers Hacked

Just a little warning for people out there. The Banco Santander credit card computers and servers have been hacked.

No seguimento de Alerta relativo a movimentação suspeita efectuada com o seu cartão tentámos contactá-lo, sem sucesso. Por uma questão de segurança o cartão referido foi cancelado por fraude. Para qualquer informação adicional relativa ao cartão cancelado e aos movimentos que originaram o seu cancelamento, poderá contactar a Superlinha para o número…….. ou, em alternativa, deslocar-se ao seu balcão.

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Quite Delightful – Thief Pays Waitress With Her Own Stolen Credit Card

There are indeed master criminals out there and we never hear of them because they’re, you know, clever enough to be master criminals. My own bribery of government officials was done in a time and place when it was legal for example. There are also those who really should, given their intellectual abilities, stick with the minimum wage mop pushing:

Authorities say an Arkansas thief got his just desserts when he tried to pay for a meal using the waitress’ stolen credit card.

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