Deliveroo Exits Germany – FT Alphaville Misses The Point

Deliveroo has decided not to do business in Germany any more. OK – and FT Alphaville starts to worry about the speed with which a modern business can leave a market and country. Rather missing the point of this which is the speed with which a company can leave a country and market:

Any student of emerging markets will tell you that financing a current account deficit with imported capital always seems like a good idea.

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Dear Tom Watson – What’s Wrong With Us Selling Our Data To Amazon?

Tom Watson is whingeing about how Amazon is investing in Deliveroo. This is not – not solely of course – just because he likes to see his name in the papers. Even a politician needs to have some sorta story to tell to manage that. It’s because Amazon desires our information. This is, apparently, a bad thing. For Tom Watson doesn’t actually believe in personal property – we shouldn’t be allowed to sell what is ours.…

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