California Earthquakes And The Climate Change Bandwagon

Isn’t this just great? A leap aboard the climate change bandwagon following the earthquakes in California:

(Ridgecrest, CA) The second in a series of devastating earthquakes hit Southern California on Friday night, one of the largest in the area’s history, causing 1,800 people to lose power. As usually happens in the case of such high magnitude earthquakes, the second of these has produced more than 1,400 smaller quakes and destroyed homes as a result of electrical fires.

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Gatwick Earthquake 63,000 Times Stronger Than Fracking Earthquake Limit

There’s been an earthquake in the Gatwick region of Southern England. Terror as tens of thousands flee, gas lines disrupted, civilisation falling to pieces – actually, near nowt happened. A few people got shaken in their beds and that was that. This earthquake being some 63,000 times larger than the limit applied to fracking. This showing us that the fracking earthquake limit is what?

The most powerful earthquake to strike southeastern England in more than 50 years jolted terrified residents awake in the early hours of this morning.

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The Absurdity Of Cuadrilla’s Fracking And 0.4 Earthquakes Near Blackpool

Whether or not fracking is a good idea is entirely up to you – around here we think it’s a great one. For we like this civilisation and all this stuff about staying warm and being able to cook tender bits of dead animals. However, say you’re of an opposite persuasion. It’s still ludicrous to stop fracking because of earthquakes at the level of 0.4 and the like. And yet that’s what we are doing in Britain.…

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Markets Work – Even In Sex Work, In Haiti, With Oxfam

An interesting and useful reminder that markets do actually work. Yes, even after earthquakes, with aid agencies like Oxfam around and even in the sex trade. Such voluntary exchange also makes all participants better off. That might not be how some want to think about it but it is still true – we can tell that because people are doing this of their own volition.

It’s also a useful reminder of the manner in which those first couple of pages of the economics textbook are correct.…

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