The Human Cost Of Fast Fashion

This is the sort of idiocy that really, truly, grates:

Yes, fast fashion is a disaster, and of course we should be horrified at the human cost of a T-shirt that’s being sold for £4.

What human cost of a cheap t-shirt you daft bint?

As pointed out elsewhere:

Tim Worstall Visits Bangladesh

Bangladesh was the poorest place on the planet when I was a kid. We’ve defined relative global poverty upward. Now we talk about living on $2/day as extreme poverty, but it used to be $1/day, and most Bangladeshi’s didn’t make that much.…

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The Solution To Climate Change Is Government Control Of Fashion

There seems to be more than a small gap in the understanding of what it’s all about here. The latest concern is that fast fashion is destroying the planet. Therefore – well, therefore something very stupid indeed. We’ve this for example:

A cross-party report has found that people today buy and discard clothes faster than ever, and it means we get rid of more than 1m tonnes of clothes a year, with £140m worth going to landfill every year.

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Fast Fashion – The Idiots Are Complaining That The People Are Getting Rich

The historical human problem has always been that the people were poor – now that we’ve largely solved that problem the idiots are complaining that the people have got rich. So it is with this current obsession with fast fashion. Quite literally the complaint is that us oiks, we standard peeps out here, are able to have new clothes. We no longer have just the Sunday Best and the other set of garments for the rest of the week, we’re actually able to dress ourselves in different pieces of cloth each and every day!…

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