Gatwick Earthquake 63,000 Times Stronger Than Fracking Earthquake Limit

There’s been an earthquake in the Gatwick region of Southern England. Terror as tens of thousands flee, gas lines disrupted, civilisation falling to pieces – actually, near nowt happened. A few people got shaken in their beds and that was that. This earthquake being some 63,000 times larger than the limit applied to fracking. This showing us that the fracking earthquake limit is what?

The most powerful earthquake to strike southeastern England in more than 50 years jolted terrified residents awake in the early hours of this morning.

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Increased US Oil Production Means Cheap Oil Ain’t So Good No More

This is one of those obvious little things – as the US increases oil production from those unconventional, fracked, fields then the impact of lower oil pries on the US economy becomes less and less favourable. It always does catch people by surprise though when the background to economic decisions changes like this.

Take exports for example. The only time, even possibly, when the aim of trade is to increase exports is if you’re trying to defend a fixed exchange rate.…

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But The Oil Price Isn’t Controlled By Three Men – Not Even Three Companies Nor Countries

We have a rather blood curdling assertion from Bloomberg that three men now control the oil price. The only problem with this is that sure, Bin Salman, Putin and Trump have influence but the idea that they control the price is ludicrous.Two of them are more controlled by it, the third has let slip the reins of power on that front. The point being that fracking has entirely changed the global oil market and price structure – it’s about time my fellow journalists caught up with that.…

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The Absurdity Of Cuadrilla’s Fracking And 0.4 Earthquakes Near Blackpool

Whether or not fracking is a good idea is entirely up to you – around here we think it’s a great one. For we like this civilisation and all this stuff about staying warm and being able to cook tender bits of dead animals. However, say you’re of an opposite persuasion. It’s still ludicrous to stop fracking because of earthquakes at the level of 0.4 and the like. And yet that’s what we are doing in Britain.…

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How To Properly Beat Climate Change – Get Fracking

One of the more interesting absurdities of climate change is that the best known method of actually dealing with it in the here and now is to use more of a particular fossil fuel. To go out and use a new method – newish perhaps – of extracting it too. The very method that every environmentalist insists we never should use at all.

That is, the way to deal with climate change is to frack for natural gas.…

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Joe Romm’s Latest Environmental Disaster – Water Usage In Fracking

It’s clearly difficult to keep the population suitably alarmed year after year, decade after generation. Because that environmental collapse never actually does turn up. All of which gives people like Joe Romm a bit of a problem. Rather minor matters need to be bigged up to make a claim that but, tomorrow, tomorrow it’s going to be different! Such is the case with this worry about the water usage of fracking. We’re really heading for a disaster now folks!…

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Britain Must Frack For Gas Or Be The Country With No Beer

The link between the necessity for Britain to get on with fracking for natural gas underneath Liverpool and the risk of our becoming the country with no beer might indeed go through a few steps but it is still watertight and sound. For there really is a link between the two things. This having a greater importance than the risk of trashing Liverpool – no risk for who cares – or of running out of beer – a calamity that should not befall our fair land.…

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