Brexit As An Anti-Globalisation Vote By The Losers

I don’t actually think I agree with this. The correlation may well be there but I think very much more of it can be explained by the manner in which the traditional left wing parties have been colonised by the interests of the metropolitan elite. Rather than their voting base in the socially conservative working class. But even the exploration of the correlation is interesting:

The economic geography of sovereignist Europe
Gianmarco Ottaviano 03 July 2019

Economic geography strikes back.…

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It’s True You Know, Globalisation Makes People Better Off

Given that the great gainers of globalisation have been the poor the thought that the process makes people better off should be obvious. But it’s always worth doing some actual verification of such things:

Human development in the age of globalisation
Leandro de la Escosura 15 June 2019

The concept of human development views wellbeing as being affected by a wide range of factors including health and education. This column examines worldwide long-term wellbeing from 1870-2015 with an augmented historical human development index (AHHDI) that combines new measures of achievements in health, education, material living standards, and political freedom.…

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How To Do Economics Wrong – Theory Without That Real World Checking

This could be seen as a valiant attempt, certainly, but it suffers from an awful problem. They tell us that increased globalisation should – and does – widen global income inequality. Their theoretical construct tells them that it can. The problem being that increased globalisation has lowered global income inequality. The poor countries are growing faster than the rich – this lowers inequality. Thus it’s the theorising wrong – something that could and should be checked by a little look at reality along the way:

The new globalisation and income inequality
Sergi Basco, Martí Mestieri 19 May 2019

Trade in intermediates (or ‘unbundling of production’) and trade in capital have become increasingly important in last 25 years.…

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And The Bourgeoisie Shall Inherit The Earth – Half Of Humans Now Middle Class

This is the one great achievement of the last half century. It is entirely and absolutely astonishing, we’ve just seen the biggest reduction in absolute poverty in the entire history of our species. And it’s not just that people are moving up to that second stale crust a day – we’ve got to where half of all of us now enjoy those bourgeois pleasures of three squares, a change of clothes and a roof overhead. We are actually solving the grand economic question, how do we all get rich?…

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The Reason For The Globalisation Of Tech R&D

Why are companies employing all these foreigners to do this work? Why are they offshoring? Because there isn’t the talent at home:

The IT revolution and the globalisation of R&D

Lee Branstetter, Britta Glennon, J. Bradford Jensen 21 August 2018

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The Gravity Model Of Trade And Globalisation

We get told a lot about that gravity model of trade concerning Brexit. Obviously, given that people do trade more with the people geographically close to them, we should be in a trade relationship with Europe, not anywhere else.

Except that’s not what the gravity model says. Rather, that economic, not geographic, distance is important. Transport distance and cost, communications distance and cost, possibly cultural differences and so on. The gravity model just isn’t talking about purely geographic distance at all.…

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So, Who Got All The Money From Globalisation?

How income gains from globalisation are distributed

Valentin Lang, Marina Mendes Tavares 27 April 2018

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