If Only The Guardian Actually Understood Peterloo

The Guardian is telling us all about the Peterloo Massacre. Fair enough, it was the founding outrage of the newspaper that became The Guardian. However, it is something of a small pity that it doesn’t actually understand the issues at play here.

Take this for example:

Half an hour before the Lighthouse opens, a queue has begun to form. The early birds are members of the Lighthouse Pantry, a food club for local people on low incomes, and competition is rife for the most prized items: a sirloin steak, a whole chicken, smoked salmon.

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Once Again The Guardian Fails To Understand Rape And Rape Cases

The Guardian has had the arts graduates sucking their pencils and adding up the statistics about rape in the UK. Predictably they manage to get it all entirely wrong.

Just 1.5% of all rape cases lead to charge or summons, data reveals


Only one in 65 rape cases reported to police result in suspects being summonsed or charged, a Guardian analysis of the latest crime figures has revealed.

Innumerate malarkey.

The drop is particularly dramatic at a time when victims are reporting more attacks.

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HMRC Blamed For EU Vat Hike On Solar Panels

According to the Grauniad those rotters at HMRC have done something totally ungreen:

HMRC pushes steep VAT increase for new solar-battery systems

Treasury proposes rise from 5% to 20%, while the tax on coal will stay at lower rate

Don’t they know there is a climate emergency on? The ‘Independent’ does:

Climate crisis: Huge VAT rise on solar panels makes installation ‘entirely uneconomic’, say experts

‘We could not have a clearer sign the government has failed to even begin to grasp the urgency’, says Green Party co-leader

Sian Berry, co-leader of the Green Party told The Independent: “A climate emergency has been officially declared, yet we could not have had a clearer sign that the government has failed to even begin to grasp the urgency.

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If Only The Guardian Employed An Economist – Instead Of Richard Partington

Richard Partington is the economics correspondent for The Guardian. True, he’s a step up from that bird who ended up at Mashable, but still.

Richard Partington is the Guardian’s economics correspondent.

No one who groks economics is going to write something as silly as this:

But some people have benefited more from growth than others, despite global gross domestic product (GDP) growing by more than 5,000% since the 1960s.

Which tells us something about well Our Dickie groks economics.…

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Guardian’s House Of Lords Investigation – But What About The EU?

The Guardian tells us all that many members of the House of Lords have other jobs. Which seems fair enough really, as they’re not in fact paid to be members of the House of Lords. Expenses only is the system there. They then go on to point out that some of them, or for some of them the job is, are advisers to foreign governments. And, you know, chunter chunter, having our legislators paid by foreign governments is…chunter chunter.…

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If Only The Guardian Understood Things – Something, Anything

It’s the Daily Mash that gave us “The Guardian, wrong about everything. Always” and there is, as we know, great truth in that. This is more than just the usual Gell Mann Amnesia thing, where we read any newspaper article upon something we know about and note that they don’t. Yet by the time we move on to some subject we’re not expert in we assume the newspaper does know about it.

The Guardian manages more than this.…

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Dawn Foster Insists Polly Toynbee Should Retire – The Column Blocker!

That’s probably the way we should read Dawn Foster today. How very dare the Reine Regnante of the socially caring left continue to block the rise to national prominence of younger, fitter, columnists?

Retirement should be a right. But it’s in danger of becoming a privilege for the rich
Dawn Foster

Of course, there’s a certain amount of dressing up the insistence but:

….more than twice as many people over 70 are working now than a decade ago.

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Serious Question Here – Is The Guardian Written By Idiots?

That the vast majority of us don’t grasp the intricacies of economics is fine, just fine. The vast majority of us don’t grasp theoretical physics either, most of us not having caught up with the fact that it’s not all just quantum these days. And Britain has been famous for a millennium on how the vast bulk of the nation is rather behind the curve on cuisine.

However, when it comes to writing about the subject it does help if those doing so have a clue.…

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If Only Frances Ryan – Or The Guardian – Knew Anything About Economics

That some people have differing views than us capitalist pig dogs is fine, just fine. We are, after all, the liberals around here, freedom and liberty mean that people do indeed have the right to disagree with us. But it is views, morals, desires, which are free to choose, not the basic facts about the universe. You know, those facts which are sacred rather than the comment which is free?

Which brings us to The Guardian, its columnists, and our exemplar for the day, Frances Ryan.…

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SATS Good, Teachers Bad (Or It Might Be Genetic)

Quite often the conclusions we draw from a data set are biased towards what we want them to be, hence the Guardian arguing SATS are irrelevant in pupil testing – which they might well be since their primary purpose is as an evaluation of how good the teacher is.

But it is quite fun to take the underlying result and propose some alternatives that might produce the same outcome. Here some of the fundamentals from the source are these:

Teacher assessments of achievement are as reliable … as test scores at every stage of the educational experience.

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