Serve Two Years For Rape, Conviction Overturned, No Compensation

One of the pities about increasing maturity is that old predictions of how society is going to the dogs become true. Or rather, one is around to see one’s predictions come true. Gratifying to the ego as it is to be proven right there’s a definite preference for not having to see it.

At which point, the man jailed for rape for two years. Then conviction overturned. OK, so, he served two years and he shouldn’t have served two years.…

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Let’s Have The Elizabethan Poor Laws Back! – Says IPPR – Jail The Workshy!

I assume that the lad here just doesn’t know what he’s talking about rather than IPPR actually recommending the jailing of the bone idle. But then, you know, modern academia, it’s difficult to know:

Simon Szreter is professor of history and public policy at the University of Cambridge and co-winner of the inaugural IPPR Economics Prize

Cambridge, has been known to have the odd clever person teaching there. This could be all the most wondrous piss take, you never know.…

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Extinction Rebellion Courts 5 Year Jail Sentences By Closing Heathrow For 10 Days

Internal planning documents at Extinction Rebellion show that they’re thinking of trying to close Heathrow for 10 days this summer with the use of drones. The penalty for this sort of thing is, upon conviction, 5 years prison time. If they do it they should indeed be accorded that maximum sentence. And, given the way that “conspiracy to” laws work, so should all who aid them.

Because civil disorder is indeed an important thing.

Yes, it’s possible to argue that we shouldn’t be jailing those who would save us from civilisation and the climate change it causes.…

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Man Jailed In Tunisia For Being Raped – No, Not Really, Not Quite

That people shouldn’t be jailed for having consensual sex seems to us to be part of what freedom and liberty mean – whatever the form of that sex, homo-, hetero-, sexual or other. As long as it’s all consenting adults then chacun a son gout. Non-consensual sex is of course rape and thus should be criminal.

The law isn’t this way in other parts of the world, this we know. There are plenty of places where adultery, even fornication, are crimes and even some that carry out death penalties for such.…

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Why Be Surprised At Carlos Ghosn’s Treatment? That’s The Japanese Justice System For You

Varied are complaining about how Carlos Ghosn is being treated in that Japanese jail as a result of his – sorry, allegations of – being a little too free into his paycheque with the company’s money behaviour. It’s entirely true that we’d not want to be treated this way ourselves, equally so that our own justice systems – at least the UK or US – wouldn’t either treat us this way nor would be allowed to.…

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Tommy Robinson’s 13 Month Jail Sentence – You Be The Judge

Rather too few papers have been discussing the trouble Tommy Robinson got into over the past few days. Not a good good look for free speech nor even civil liberty. And yet now we’ve got the news of Tommy’s jailing, along with the reason he was jugged. It’s possibly a little different. At which point you be the judge of what you think should have happened.

One report:

ENGLISH Defence League founder Tommy Robinson has been caged for 13 months for contempt of court, it can be revealed today.

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