So Whose Land Are We Actually On?

This is talking about specifically the Apache and more generally the Amerinds. The principle does of course extend out to everyone and everywhere:

Versions of land acknowledgments are widely practiced in countries that are working to untangle the historical knots of colonialism. In Australia, those leading public occasions often recognize whose traditional lands they are on; others invite an Aboriginal elder to conduct a more formal “Welcome to Country.” In New Zealand, it is common for public speakers to acknowledge they are situated within Aotearoa, the homeland of the Māori.

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Entirely Missing The Point About British Land Ownership – Free Trade Already Solved The Problem

Gosh, isn’t it appalling that rich people own the land in Britain? This of course having nothing at all to do with cultural history, where the first thing any man did on becoming rich was to buy some land. But, you know, there we go, those who would reform the world never do trouble themselves to find out how it came to be the way it is.

Half of England is owned by less than 1% of the population


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Zimbabwe’s Not Compensating Farmers For Land – Only For Improvements

Not that we ever expected those white farmers to receive proper and fully legal compensation for the land that was confiscated under Mugabe. But this current process is being touted as being compensation to those farmers when it’s only a very faint shadow of what is due. Sure, the Zimbabwean Government doesn’t have any money but that’s rather their own fault, it’s in large part due to their own stupidity – OK, Mugabe’s such – in throwing those white farmers off that land.…

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A Remarkable Lack Of Perspicacity From The Guardian

Sure, we know, The Guardian, wrong about everything. All the time. And yet it’s still possible to wonder, marvel, at the ability to get things so wrong in just the two paragraphs. Here the subject is farming. There are going to be more people around and thus we might desire to increase the output of food. OK, that’s fair enough. Although the actual background here is that just the normal and ongoing increase in farming productivity will take care of the extra mouths.…

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