The Law Matters – Common Versus Roman Law in Economic Development

It’s not just mere Brexity nationalism that tells us that the differences between Roman and Common law matter in economic development. It is actually one of these truths about the world around us. As such, subsuming the UK into a Roman law environment always was a bad idea:

Legal origins
Rafael La Porta, Florencio Lopez de Silanes, Andrei Shleifer, Robert Vishny 27 July 2019

Colonisation created ‘legal families’ of laws which were substantially influenced by the origin countries.…

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Quite Correct, Don’t Change Assisted Suicide Law, Just Ignore It When Necessary

We have that wonder of wonders, a judge actually getting what the law should be correct. For what is being said is that we should not change the laws on assisted suicide – and definitely not on euthanasia – but should instead ignore the laws we’ve got when necessary. Or even convenient. Which is indeed the correct way to be thinking about these things.

Any system of killing people is going to have mistakes in it.…

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Why Do British Authoritarians Suddenly Care About Female Genitals?

I mean, they never cared about them before?

Nurses and doctors working in the NHS have reported seeing hundreds of cases a female genital mutilation every year for the last thirty years since we outlawed it in 1987, and yet the first successful prosecution only happened a few weeks ago.

And now having tried to amend the law on FGM and been stymied, they are going after the man who prevented them.

One wonders why it has suddenly become an issue they care about?…

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Bang to Rights

California isn’t called the golden state for nothing. Well, it might be the good PR from the Beach Boys or the Eagles—Tim knows more about this than we do—but it is generally a place you might want to go. Chuck Berry, bless his little cotton socks, called it the Promised Land.* We’ve been there. It is stunning. Go to Malibu Beach and view the Bay Watch at work.

It’s Paradise on earth.

Sorry, that’s not in LA.…

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Well Done To The UN- Racism Maniac Discovers Racism In UK

This is one of the little things about the modern world which just should not surprise us. Even though it does come as a surprise to find out how these higher reaches of governance actually work. For someone interested in finding racism in every corner and nook of modern life has found racism in the UK. We are surprised, no?

Britain’s policies on austerity, immigration and tackling terrorism are racist, a United Nations watchdog has claimed.

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Should Doctors Have Special Legal Privileges When They Kill People?

It’s an interesting question, should the law for doctors who kill patients be different from the law for everyone else? The answer is no, of course damn not. But that is what is being floated here, that they get legal privileges as they kill us:

The legal bar for convicting healthcare professionals of manslaughter is currently “too low”, a medical defence organisation has said.

The Medical Protection Society say that a “striking feature” of the law in England and Wales is that “intent, carelessness, or recklessness” is not required for a conviction, and that opportunities to reform the law “have not been seized”.

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Fish Spawn Laws – Using Chesterton’s Fence Correctly

The newspapers are full, on any given day, of people insisting that radical changes must be made to society, that the laws of the old be tore down in order to allow the growth of the new. This is not quite how it should be done. That correct manner is to do as has been done here over the law banning fishing during the spawning season:

A 140-year-old law that prevents river fishing for three months a year could be scrapped following a Government review.

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