How Stupid Do You Have To Be To Complain About This?

From our archives of stupid things believed by British academics:

Chair in Inclusive Societies, University of Sheffield

Inclusive what? The silliness:

More than 500 high-rise developments are in progress across the city of London. For a nation in the grip of a housing crisis, this should be good news. But in reality, this will bring hardly any benefit for many of those seeking a decent home. Almost none of the new homes are reserved for people with no or low incomes and, although house prices in London are falling – particularly at the upper end of the market – construction for wealthy people and international buyers continues.

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Yes, Obviously, But Interestingly – London Was Built By Transport Networks

The thought that major cities were built by transport networks is obvious – even trivial – the moment one starts to think about it all. And yet there’s still interest in the details of which technologies and how. Our own insistence, around here, would be that while commuting, work and home, are interesting elements of the story the real influence is going to be in supply. How in heck do you feed 4 million people with horse drawn carts for example?

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Sadiq Khan Wants To Offer Uber Monopoly Profits In London

Sadiq Khan is suggesting that he should enact monopoly profits for Uber in London. This isn’t quite what he’s saying publicly but it is what he means – whether or not he knows it himself. If he does know it then he’s obviously not the sort we want running the city, if he doesn’t then he’s too damn stupid to be the one running the city. That idea of donating monopoly profits to a supplier being one of those things we don’t want our rulers doing of course.…

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House Of Lords Regional Diversity – Bring Back The Hereditaries

The Electoral Reform Society is having a whine about the manner in which the House of Lords is dominated by London centric over achievers and graspers. Well, yes, that’s something that’s going to happen with an appointed house, isn’t it? Those who are appointed will be those who have gone to the Big City and made their mark. It’s thus an inherent failing of the method of filling that necessary revising chamber:

The House of Lords fails to represent broad swathes of the UK, the Electoral Reform Society has said.

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Sadiq Khan Plans To Kill London In The Name Of Health Protection

There are excellent reasons for varied policies to deal with pollution and the damage it causes. Like, for example, the damage caused by pollution being an excellent justification of plans to deal with it. However, that does not mean that all plans to deal with pollution are justified by reference to the damage it causes. Which is the problem with the real world application of the entirely true and proper general contention. My own suspicion would be that Sadiq Khan has just fallen foul of this with his idea of a pollution control zone in London:

Sadiq Khan has unveiled details of his plan to introduce an “ultra-low emission zone” covering a huge swath of London in the next few years.

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More Blacks* Must Be Forced To Cycle – Adviser To London’s Mayor

It would appear that an adviser to London’s Mayor has lost his mind. For we’ve an insistence that either more blacks must be forced to cycle in that city or fewer whites can be allowed to. No, really, we’ve been told that there’s just not enough diversity among those who choose to travel upon two wheels and something must be done. That something including the setting of targets – and we are all interested in how targets are to be enforced, aren’t we?…

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London’s Attempt To Close The Gender Pay Gap – Right Diagnosis, But Why Bother?

We should in fact celebrate that the gender pay gap discussion is moving along. Closer to something which identifies the actual problem at hand, at least gets to grips with why there is one in the first place.

We measure by the averages – we should use median but all too often use mean – across all men and women in an organisation or the economy. We should distinguish between part and full time and all too often do not.…

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