Sadiq Khan’s Monstrous Decision On Uber

The problem with Sadiq Khan’s – and sure, it’s TfL but let’s not be stupid about the Mayor’s influence or not – refusal to renew Uber’s licence in London isn’t the triviality of the objection, it’s that it’s not even Khan that should be making the decision.

The objection itself is trivial of course. It’s that some 45 drivers faked their ID to get onto the system and provide rides. That’s out of 45,000 rivers in Uber’s system.…

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Because Sadiq Khan Is An Economic Illiterate

Sadiq Khan’s new housing proposal for London includes this passage:

Why rent control?

Because Sadiq Khan is, as my colleagues at the Adam Smith Institute have already pointed out, an “economic illiterate”.

For the reasons set out earlier in this paper, the Mayor believes that rent control has a key role
to play in improving the affordability of housing in the capital, as part of a package that
includes increasing the supply of social housing and rethinking welfare reform.

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Sadiq Khan Wants The Power To Bomb London

Sadiq Khan is indeed different from certain of his coreligionists, he doesn’t want to subject London to actual and real bang-bang bombing. He just wants to have as close as possible the same effect upon the housing of The Great Wen.

Sadiq Khan calls for new powers to impose London rent controls


As standard economic theory states, as near all economists agree:

I include a table of propositions to which most economists subscribe, based on various polls of the profession.

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There Weren’t A Million On The Peoples’ March – Far From It For They Overestimate

We could say they just overestimate or we could, of course, call it what it is – lying in the name of a political goal. Quite why lying in pursuit of some political goal is treated more leniently than in chasing after any other is uncertain but that is the way it all works. The Peoples’ March didn’t have a million people on it yesterday. We know this best by looking at their claims of the previous one which were more than just a little overcooked:

One million join march against Brexit as Tories plan to oust May
Organisers hail UK’s ‘biggest-ever demo’, while Tom Watson leads calls for fresh referendum

No, not really.…

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For Sadiq Khan Discrimination Against Uber Drivers Is The Point

Given that Sadiq Khan is well in the pocket of the black cab drivers this extension of the congestion charge being discriminatory is rather the point, not a problem. For gaining legal privilege over and above what other drivers gain is the very point of being an organised guild in the first place. There is an amusement that Khan, something of a race baiter himself, is getting it in the neck over the racially discriminatory aspect of this.…

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It’s The Green Belt That Causes London’s Inequality

It’s true, this is not exactly and precisely the finding of this paper. But it’s one that is consistent at least. Policy meant to create urban compactness and density can and often will have the effect of increasing inequality:

The economic effects of density: A synthesis
Gabriel Ahlfeldt, Elisabetta Pietrostefani 22 February 2019

Most countries pursue policies that implicitly or explicitly aim at promoting ‘compact urban form’, but so far these policies have not been well-grounded in evidence.…

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London’s Gangs Have Changed Because Londoners Have Changed

The Guardian tells us that London’s gangs have changed. Well, yes, could well be, for who is a Londoner has changed too. Gangs being social creations of course, so if we have a change in the society we’d expect to see a change in the gangs. This being something that The Guardian entirely fails to even note in their discussion:

London’s gangs have changed, and it’s driving a surge in pitiless violence

Well, yes. Some 40% of so of London’s population is foreign born.…

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The Guardian’s Property Porn – Falling House Prices Are A Goldmine For Buyers Apparently

The Guardian lets us in on a very odd little piece of economic knowledge – falling house prices are a goldmine for property buyers. This isn’t, we must admit, how we normally think of these things. Buying an asset which is falling in value is not one of the things we expect to make a profit. Sure, prices might rise again, but a falling market in itself isn’t quite the time to be making dosh by buying.…

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London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, Proves Parkinson’s Law Once Again

Sadiq Khan, unfathomably currently London’s Mayor, has managed to prove Parkinson’s Law once again. This is not prove as in test, one meaning, but prove as in show correct, the other such. It’s also not Parkinson’s Plain, that work expands to fill the time available for its completion, but Parkinson’s Derivative, that bureaucracies always grow, that’s just what bureaucracies do. Khan has proved this, obviously enough, by expanding his own bureaucracy to no good effect. You know, what the Hell, it’s only taxpayers’ money, right?…

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