Why CEOs Get Paid A Lot – The Quality Of Management Really Matters

This isn’t quite what this paper was asking but it is rather what has been answered. Why is it that managers and CEOs get paid a lot? Because the quality of management matters rather a lot</a>:

Managerial quality and productivity dynamics
Achyuta Adhvaryu, Sadish D, Anant Nyshadham, Jorge Tamayo 19 August 2019

Managerial quality remains low in firms in developing countries. In the context of the Indian garment industry, this column shows that manager characteristics matter for productivity.…

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Nuts and Bolts

No, the headline isn’t about a bloke who’s had a few too many down at the pub head butting a drinker and then bolting the scene. We wish it was. A bit of violence might put you on edge for a moment or two. But what’s going on at Boeing; now that’s really scary. You see, it’s about the quality problems that are surfacing at Boeing.

A recent article by the Post and Courier available here suggests there are real issues with the way Boeing is quality assuring its airplane:

Airline surveys point to ongoing production problems at Boeing’s SC plant

Yes, those are the very things that you and I fly around in.…

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The Idiocy Of Tech Companies Doubling Female Managers By 2022

There’s odd, there’s silly and then there’re public targets about the gender gap. It is, I’m sorry to have to say, idiocy to be setting targets for how many female managers there are in tech companies. So what in buggery is it that people are doing here?

Tech giants vow to double the number of female managers by 2022

They’re following fashion that’s all. Society has a head of steam up about how appalling it is that the lovely, well paid and comfy jobs atop Big Tech companies – you know, the ones that make dynastic fortunes – are largely held by men.…

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Yes, I Think We Probably Would Call This Unacceptable Harrassment

This probably isn’t what the HR textbook refers to as best practice in resolving disputes between management and staff:

A Florida man has been arrested after he was caught on camera lacing a female co-worker’s drink with semen.

Robert Tyson, 62, allegedly twice placed semen into the woman’s water mug at the dermatology center where they worked in Tallahaseee.

As Mike Munger would say, it had to be Florida, didn’t it?

His victim said that she believed he targeted her because he did not think she was an effective office manager and previously had written letters to her superiors saying ‘he was not satisfied with her management style.’

Yes, a fairly strong disagreement with that management style there.…

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Norway’s Gender Quotas Hold Women Back In Management

Or perhaps we should say that he imposition of quotas in Norway concerning the number of women on company boards seems not to have been able to overcome the disincentive effects of a deep and generous welfare state.

It’s not exactly a new finding that incentives matter. And if you’ve a more generous welfare state concerning motherhood and the raising of children then would we really be surprised that this leads to fewer people trying to climb the greasy pole at work?…

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