Sadly, Sonia Sadha Appears Not To Understand Human Fertility

Sonia Sadha – a woman in her 30s with no children – is very excited by the idea of being able to delay the menopause. And why not, obviously enough. Except she’s managed to not understand the particular point being made here. Which is that delaying the menopause doesn’t extend human female fertility. It just delays the menopause. Which is not, in fact, the same thing.

For women like me, postponing the menopause would be a blessing
Sonia Sodha

That’s fine, sure, why not?…

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Capitalism Is Just So Intensely Feminist

If we think over the problems that the wealth and income of capitalism have solved for us we’d have to conclude that it’s the most feminist socioeconomic system ever. It wasn’t the state that invented nor popularised the vacuum cleaner, microwave, disposable nappy nor washing machine. I’ve actually owned a Soviet washing machine and it was hardly a machine and didn’t wash*. It is all of this that has led to the economic liberation of women to all our benefits.…

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Do We Have To Explain Castrati All Over Again?

We do not, quite obviously, recommend castrating some group of male babies, foundlings as it often was, in the hope that some of them would be able to sing when they grew up. That is what was done in order to produce castrati though and the question is, well, why?

The answer to that shows us why this is just fine as it is but also why it’s not a perfect solution:

In the world of opera, the question “who wears the trousers?” has suddenly become harder to answer.

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