Telegraph Now Acting As PR Flacks For Microsoft

There was a time when the newspapers were written by people who knew something. No, not everything, but people did tend to be subject specialists at least when discussing matters off the main news pages. Technology, or Labour Relations, or Travel, sections were written by people who had actually wielded a spanner, attended a union meeting, gone somewhere other than with everyone else on their Gap Yeah.

Now that journalism is a graduate entry occupation – often requiring a post-graduate degree for the Lord’s sake – the newspapers are produced by people who know how to type and not a great deal else.…

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Parents Beware – Google Docs Is The New WhatsApp For Your Children

Inventive little people, human children. It’s become common knowledge among the kiddies that Google Docs has a chat function. Therefore it’s not necessary to smuggle the mobile phone into the classroom and suffer this fate:

Or, as the Mirror put it:

The politely worded message gives away the teacher’s trusted method of knowing who is paying more attention to their handset than his lecture. It reads: “Dear students, I know when you’re texting in class.

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Dear Microsoft Employees – Don’t Want To Work On Military Contracts? Then Quit

There’s a certain little confusion being displayed here over the employer / employee relationship among certain people at Microsoft. The basic deal is that if you’re an employee then you turn up and work and they agree to pay you. Choices as to what it is that the company does, the work that is to be done, rest with the employers, not the employees.

This does not then go into reverse because the employees are hard to find and highly skilled – quite the opposite in fact:

Dozens of Microsoft employees have signed a letter protesting the company’s $480 million contract to supply the U.S.

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