Dear Microsoft Employees – Don’t Want To Work On Military Contracts? Then Quit

There’s a certain little confusion being displayed here over the employer / employee relationship among certain people at Microsoft. The basic deal is that if you’re an employee then you turn up and work and they agree to pay you. Choices as to what it is that the company does, the work that is to be done, rest with the employers, not the employees.

This does not then go into reverse because the employees are hard to find and highly skilled – quite the opposite in fact:

Dozens of Microsoft employees have signed a letter protesting the company’s $480 million contract to supply the U.S.

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South Korea’s Done What Trump Insists Germany Should – Pay More For Defence

The specific circumstances are indeed different in South Korea and Germany but Trump’s been making similar demands in both places. That the countries should be paying more of their defence costs, alleviating some of the pressure on the US taxpayer. It’s a fair enough aim too and Germany at least has already agreed to it just not done very much about it. South Korea has now agreed and looks like they will in fact do it.…

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Who Has The MIC?

Almost exactly 58 years ago, General Dwight Eisenhower made a very interesting Farewell Address, as he was about to leave office as the 34th President of the United States.

Being uniquely well-qualified to comment on the interface between the world of politics and the military, he warned that America was on the brink of surrendering democratic control of what he termed “the military-industrial complex”

“…we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.

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Trump’s Cancelled Military Parade – Apparently, It Was Bureaucratic Costs

Clearly and obviously there’s going to be some arguing about exactly why this proposed military parade was cancelled. It might be that that’s just not the way America does things, could be that the Pentagon didn’t want to do it. Or the reason that Trump actually claims, that the bureaucracy was all over it and forcing costs up, might even be true. And the thing is, if the bureaucracy does swarm all over something then it does indeed become very expensive.…

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The Mail’s Ignorance – The Military Requirement To Be Able To Fight Wars

A useful little example of the problem which plagues every military, everywhere and everywhen. Said military needs to have much more kit that in entirely necessary to run operations in peacetime. Because, you know, they do need to be able to fight wars. This means they have a few rifles in the back of the cupboard to replace those shot out of the hands of gallant Tommies. An extra ship or two tied up at the dock to replace any lost to enemy action.…

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Ivan the Terrible

Quality hitmen, these Russians.

I mean, we can all presumably accept that in amongst the rough and tumble of high stakes geopolitics, any given nation and its intelligence services will have (or can concoct) a reason to bump off a rival from almost any other country.

I bet even the Pitcairn Islanders can conceive of a reason to have a pop at Justin Trudeau, for example.

So that’s motive taken care of – what are the other two?…

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If You Don’t Like Working For Google Then Don’t Work For Google, Surely?

Various – some 3,000 in fact – employees at Google seem to have missed Capitalism 101. The basic lesson of which is that it is the owners of a company which, erm, own it. The employees in a company are the hired labour, not those who direct what the company does. Sure, in that market for tech talent those with the scarce item, that talent, have a little more bargaining power than those flipping burgers. That being why they get rather higher pay of course.…

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Trump Bans Transgenders In The Military – Excellent

President Trump has issued an order that, except in unusual circumstances, transgender people will not be able to serve in the US military. This is a good idea. No, not because that means we all get to trample on the rights of those who are or decide to be transgender, rather because the point of a military, like any other organisation, is to produce an output. That output to be go kill the other poor bastards for their country while not dying for our own.…

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