So Why Don’t These Feminist Investors Start Their Own VC Firms?

A standard mantra of the modern world – women are just as good as men at everything. Plus, obviously, very much better at other things. That famed empathy and nurturing for example. This entirely missing the point of comparative advantage of course. The only non-trivial and non-obvious result in all of the social sciences.

That one bit of Ricardo being all we need to explain this:

‘Bro culture’ means nearly half of UK’s venture capital firms still have no women in senior roles


Almost half of Britain’s venture capital firms have no women working in senior investment roles, a new report has found.

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Owen Jones On The Misogyny Of Mark Field – Yes, But When Did We Know?

Owen Jones tells us that Mark Field is simply the misogyny of society writ small upon the stage:

But this whole incident is a chilling reminder of the intersection of misogyny, Trumpian contempt for dissent and class privilege that blights our society, and which has been exacerbated by a Tory government increasingly under the spell of rightwing populism.

Could be I suppose.

Now, at which point did we know this was some random bint whining about climate change, not some random bint with a knife who wished to do physical harm?…

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Conservatives Debate Scandal – Amazingly, Yes, Islamophobia, Racism, Misogyny, Homophobia, They’re All Still Free Speech

The latest little breeze in a tea-thimble is the revelation that there are groups on Facebook saying things that some other people don’t like. Yes, I know, that’s all most shocking and we are all channelling our inner maiden aunts in response. Except, of course, to merely do that is to miss the importance. For free speech, the very definition of it, is the ability to say things which other people don’t want to have said.…

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Jessica Valenti – Mass Shootings Are All About Misogyny

To the man whose only tool is a hammer everything looks like a nail. To Jessica Valenti everything is about, caused by and the product of, misogyny. There’s a certain logical problem with this world view. The misogyny she’s complaining of is rare.

The massacre at Santa Fe high school last week that left 10 people dead – most of them students – seems to have something in common with so many other mass shootings that happen in the US: misogyny.

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Catholic Misogyny, Even Gender Discrimination, Cannot Be A Problem

There is a terrible logical confusion concerning gender discrimination, possibly even misogyny, within the Catholic Church. It’s most certainly true that the organisation, the institution, has views concerning the relative jobs and places of men and women which look more than a tad archaic to the modern eye. They’re also pretty much what the relative jobs and places were for the first 1800 years or so from the founding event. It’s only in very recent decades that we’ve flown free from the physical constraints which imposed those jobs.…

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