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They’re Not About To Declare Misogyny A Hate Crime

Trans rights, sure, why not?

The Lords looks likely to pass an amendment about hate crimes. It’s not about misogyny:

The government is to require police forces to collect data on crimes apparently motivated by hostility towards women, a potentially significant step towards making misogyny a hate crime.

The concession was announced in the House of Lords by the Home Office minister Susan Williams, heading off a likely government defeat on the issue via an amendment to the domestic abuse bill, currently being scrutinised by peers.

The amendment, tabled by non-affiliated peer Alicia Kennedy, which was due for a vote on Wednesday evening, and with support from peers across the parties, appeared likely to pass.

Nope, not misogyny. This is going to end up like the domestic violence reporting stuff. Which was, as you will recall, motivated by the repeated insistence that women and women only suffered from this. So, government decided to make it a specific and reportable offence. Aty which point ONS reports on it and as it turns out the ratio is about 2:1. Some 1,6 million women a yearm some 700k men, suffer from domestic violence.

That is, once we start counting reality it seems not to accord to the phantasms of the more shrieking harridans. This is going to be true of hate crimes based upon sex or gender:

“So I will advise the house that, on an experimental basis, we will ask police forces to record and identify any crimes of violence against the person, including stalking and harassment and sexual offences, where the victim perceives it has been motivated by a hostility based on their sex which can inform longer-term decisions once we have considered the Law Commission’s recommendations.”

Not all stalkers are men, not all crimes based upon the sex and or gender of the victim are done by men.

The prediction is that these recordings will show that it’s a very much more equal – although as with domestic violence, not entirely so – crime.

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3 years ago

I notice it’s based on “where the victim perceives” it was gender-based. Also that it includes “stalking and harassment” as “crimes of violence”. Yes, this will be useful data.

3 years ago
Reply to  Esteban

Sure, exactly like 3 of 4 university girls having been sexually attacked. Definitions matter.

3 years ago
Reply to  Esteban

Agreed. Violence is real and measurable. Perception is…subjective, no? Some people perceive that all the bad/awkward things that happen to them are because of their membership in some victim class, so everyone else is prejudiced and they are not. This mandate for a police study will pick up that malaise now affecting universities.

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