Lanthanum Is Not A Valuable Metal

The German Greens have a sensible enough idea here. If you want things to be returned for processing then charge a deposit on them. You can then leave it to poor teenagers – or Bob a Job Week – to make sure all things get returned.

However, this is stupid:

Environmental groups say that throwing away electronics not only leads toxic chemicals to seep into the water table but also deprives the industry of valuable rare earth metals such as lanthanum and palladium.

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La Liga’s Clever But Illegal Method Of Checking People Pay For Football Matches

Isn’t this a clever – if illegal – use of the new technology over in Spain by La Liga? The problem to be solved being, well, there’s mass pirating of the football TV shows. This of course means less money for the players. So, how to use modern technology to find out whether people are watching an illegal pirate of the live match, or something that has been paid for? Bug their mobile phones, obviously:

Spain’s football league, La Liga, has been hit with a €250,000 (£222,000) fine for using fans’ mobile phones as spying tools to crack down on bars screening matches with pirated television signals.

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Mobile Phones Cut The Murder Rate – For The Same Reason They Grow The Economy

One of the interesting findings about mobile phones is that they grow the economy. In a country without a general landline network – ie, all the poor ones – 10% of the population gaining a mobile increases GDP by 0.5%. No, not the growth rate goes up from 2% to 2.01%. But an additional 0.5% of GDP each year. Which is, by the standards of these things, pretty big.

We also know why too. Being able to contact people means that markets complete, contracts and transactions are possible.…

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What Is The Value of X? It May Depend On Your Level Of Enlightenment.

Those evil market driven capitalistic pigs never manage to do anything for their fellow man who is not rich. A lot of people know this to be true. A lot of people are idiots.

The race to improve in order to sell stuff in our – supposedly ever so nasty – competitive environment does yield some particularly nice results for those of lesser means.

Take cell phones for instance. It is getting quite hard to truly distinguish one from the other in this day and age so we get some odd – but nice – results.…

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The AA’s Pablum On Mobile Phone Driving Offences

The AA (what used to be the Automobile Association) has told us that penalties for mobile phone use while driving have led to less mobile phone use while driving. Something which seems fair enough if we’re honest about it. But sadly that’s not quite how it has been put. Rather, the implication is that less mobile phone usage has led to fewer driving problems overall and we’ve simply not got the evidence to support that:

A crackdown on mobile phone use at the wheel has cut the number of offences by half, new figures show.

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