The University Course To Find The Next Stormzy

Perhaps this expansion of the universities has gone a little too far:

Britain’s first ever degree in rap as university offers qualification to find next Stormzy

The first comment is that the moment we institutionalise pop music it is no longer pop music. The second that the point of the stuff is to epater les bourgeois and there’s nothing more bourgeois than a middle aged lecturer attempting to be down and hip with the kidz.…

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The Guardian Seems Conflicted On The Value Of Music

Musicians should be paid fairly for the work they do in creating the music we bop along to. Musicians are demanding too much from the people who use the music musicians make. Only The Guardian would manage to hold both views simultaneously. But that’s what they manage to do.

In the opinion pages, here’s Debbie Harry:

In 2016, I joined a campaign with the music community and other creative sectors to fight to ensure that video-streaming services, such as YouTube, pay fairly for music and other creative content that they profit from.

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MySpace Loses Every Song – Fortunately, No One Notices

MySpace has just revealed that it has managed to lose every song uploaded to the site between 2003 and 2015. Which is a bit of a problem really, as that’s what the site had decided to do in order to remain in business- become the place where people uploaded their songs. Oh, sure, it started out as a social media network, then got eaten by – what was it, Bebo first? – Facebook. So, in order to try and remain relevant let’s not be a social media network but a music one.…

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Italy’s Business Opportunity – Rewrite Songs In Italian

This sort of cultural nationalism being suggested in Italy never really works out all that well. Hmm, perhaps that depends upon who you are. If you follow our business plan then you’ll be just fine of course, reveling in it. That it won’t achieve what its promoters desire is equally obvious. For it hasn’t in France where they’ve been doing this for decades:

Italy’s right-wing League party has started a campaign to force radio stations to dedicate almost half their airtime to Italian music less than a fortnight after the party’s leader criticised the victory of a migrant’s son in a televised music contest.

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Science Says Personality Types And Music Preferences Are Linked

Another of those reports from the wilder shores of science to remind us that the expansion of the universities was perhaps a waste of money. Partly because the subjects being studied in that desperate race to publish and rack up the research credits seems so marginal, partly because the conclusions drawn are so at odds with obvious reality. What type of music you like listening too is a guide to your personality:

People who like easy-listening music are likely to be talkative and energetic, while opera lovers are more insightful and imaginative, according to scientists.

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